Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

The Revolved Triangle Pose is also called Parivrtta Trikonasana. It helps to build your body awareness and concentration. The Revolved Triangle Pose is extremely important for your over-twisted neck, and instead focuses on the muscles in the middle and upper back. It's an excellent asana to strengthen the joints and muscles in your body. 

Revolved Triangle Pose

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Stand on your yoga mat, move your feet about four feet apart, and measure the distance. 
2 - Turn your right foot outwards 90 degrees to the right and your left foot inwards 60 degrees to the right. Then turn your trunk to the right. 
3 - Lean forward over your right leg and try to place your left palm on your mat.
4 - Stretch your right hand in an upward direction and turn your head upward. Maintain your gaze on the thumb of the right hand.
5 - Keep your knees tight and don’t lift your toes.
6 - Stay for 30 seconds or a minute. To leave this pose, lift your hand off the mat and raise the body in an upright position while reversing the twist. Come back to the starting position.

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The Advantages of the Revolved Triangle Pose

1 - Extend your hip, leg, and spinal column.
2 - Improving blood flow and spinal function in the lower region
3 - Excellent for relieving anxiety and calming the mind.
4 - Beneficial for relieving constipation and digestive issues.
5 - Helpful in correcting shoulder alignment and relieving neck stiffness.

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