How can your dogs temperature be checked?

What is the typical body temperature of your dog? You may be surprised to learn that the average body temperature of a dog is higher than yours. It makes sense now why a dog feels so warm and cozy on frigid evenings! It's imperative that dog owners know how to take or evaluate their pets' temperatures. Recognize what is and is not typical. Recognize what you need to do if something seems off.

Normal body temperature of dog


Dogs typically have a body temperature of 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take one degree. You should get in touch with your veterinarian if the dog's temperature falls outside of this range.

How do you treat a dog with a high temperature?


If your dog's fever seems unusually high or low, take them to the nearest open veterinarian as soon as you can. If you can, get in touch with them so you can receive advice along the way. Never attempt to give a dog medication within the house without first visiting your veterinarian.

If your dog has a low body temperature, or hypothermia, use hot water bottles to help him warm up. Use just the lowest setting on electric heating pads and avoid leaving them on for long periods of time. Your dog should have clothing or blankets between them and the heat source to avoid burns. Make sure your dog has access to cool down areas in case they become overheated. Make sure someone is always keeping an eye on your dog.

Give your dog some cool water to drink when he has hyperthermia, or a high body temperature. If your dog is not interested in drinking, don't make him drink. Additionally, groyne, under-armpits, and back of neck can all be treated with towels soaked in chilly water. Your dog will remain cooler if cool air circulates over their sweaty skin, so keep the damp towels out of their spot.

It's not always possible to bring your dog's raised body temperature down with heating or cooling methods.

How to Check the Temperature of Your Dog


An essential part of canine first aid is taking the patient's temperature. Taking the dog's temperature within the house can be done as follows:

1: You risk getting bitten if you try to take a dog's temperature orally. You will not obtain an accurate reading through a dog's lips, even if it were to cooperate.

2: Rectal thermometer is the most precise method for determining a dog's body temperature. Rectal temperature-taking is as uncomfortable as it sounds, but many dogs can get well-acclimated to it.

3: Assemble your materials. A rectal digital electronic thermometer and a lubricant are required. If you want to make things go a little more smoothly, go for a rapid digital thermometer.

It will be simpler to handle your dog if you can find another adult to assist in holding them, as most dogs, for obvious reasons, dislike having their back ends touched. Ask that individual to gently embrace your dog against their own physique by placing one arm around the dog's neck or the other under the dog's tummy. Next, raise your dog's tail and swiftly and carefully push the lubricated thermometer into its anus, about an inch deep. Once the start button has been pressed, listen for the completion buzzer.

Do you have issues with your rectal temperature?


If necessary, you can take the dog's approximate temperatures under his armpit (axillary region). To use the thermometer, simply insert its tip into your dog's armpit and keep their arm down until the device beeps (this normally takes longer than it does with the rectal). Then, to get an approximate sense of the dog's body temperature, add a degree to its thermometer's measurement. It should be noted that this measurement isn't exact. 
If in question, ask your veterinarian to take an exact temperature check.

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