Read Heartwarming Shoujo Manga That Gives You Love Ride

There are several manga genres over the years, one in all the foremost notable is shojo. Best notable for being additional catered to young ladies, it's since been a tremendous genre that has catered to everybody. Shoujo manga is focused toward young females, they have to do hard work with her romance and relatable characters. However, typically the storylines square measure too smart to be lost, and that they find yourself charming the remainder people moreover.

1 - The Monster Duchess And Contract Princess/The Monsterous Duke’s Adopted Daughter (2018)

The Monster Duchess And Contract Princess

Author : Rialan
Genres : Shoujo, Fantasy, Drama and Supernatural
Leslie’s life was invariably used for the betterment of her sister, Eli. Once a failed plan to extract the black art inside Leslie to transfer to Eli, Leslie knocks on the door of the monster noblewoman and pleads for the noblewoman to adopt her?!

2 - 
Yona of the Dawn/ Akatsuki No Yona (Series)

Yona of the Dawn

Author : Kusanagi Mizuho
Genres : Shoujo, Fantasy,  Romance, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama and Supernatural
The plot follows the redemption of Yona, the blue blood that's solely to the dominion of Kouka. Yona lives her life carefree. Her father, King Il. inside a celebration her alternative childhood friend and love interest Soowon involves paying her court. Aiming told her father that she never forget her love for Soowon. Aiming saw the chambers and witnesses of King Il are killed by Soowon, which discloses he can currently properly rule Kouka. Hak  saves Yona life and they both escape to Hak Village. Hiryuu. Hak and Yona, joined by Iksu's helper Yun, begin a journey to find the legendary dragons that square measure reincarnated so you'll be able to live and save the dominion of Kouka.

3 - Daughter Of The Emperor

Daughter Of The Emperor

Author : Yunsul
Genres : Shoujo, Manhwa, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical and Isekai
Main character name is Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent, which is long name or born to royalty and the name of her become center of attention. All because of 
her father who is one of the dangerous veritably insane tyrant king, nightmare of all continents. and unpitying victor of 10 empires. 

4 - They Say I Was Born a Kings Daughter/ 
Wang-ui Ttallo Taeeonassdago Habnida (2016)

They Say I Was Born a Kings Daughter Manga

Author : Bi Chu - Legna Kim
Genres : Shoujo, Webtoons, Romance,  Comedy, Drama, Fantasy and Josei
One day when she opened her eyes she found that now I became the princess of the novel! and, she is absolutely aware of her past life. There is only one problem: during this society, ladies are seen as completely inferior, even princesses. afraid by the treatment of girls, Sanghee decided to vary the kingdom's paternal ways in which. Now can she live her new life peace full.

5 - Inso's Law

Inso's Law Shoujo Manga

Author : Yuhan - Ahyun
Genres : Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy, Webtoons, Comedy, Drama, School life and Slice of life 
This is a story of a girl. She simply wished to measure a traditional life, she was an average student Ham Dan, her hobby was reading novels. She wakes up in a novel, her role in the novel was the heroine 's childhood friend. Her traditional way of life involves associate finish, turning into additional twists by her robust character.

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6 - Miss Not-So Sidekick

Miss Not-So Sidekick

Author : Ellianyang
Genres : Comedy, Shoujo, Manhwa, Fantasy, Romance and Isekai
Hyejung who loves to read novels to relieve her daily stress. However that’s before she woke within the eccentric world of her favorite novel! she is a minor villain that everybody hates?! and the heroine who is love interest of three handsome men. it’s an opportunity to measure out her most beloved plot, with popcorn in hand to look at all the drama! Taking charge of the narrative takes on an entire new which means.

7 - Survive As The Hero's Wife

Survive As The Hero's Wife

Author : Nokki (녹끼)
Genres : Shoujo, Romance, Drama and Fantasy
Canaria is reincarnated as the villain of a preferred commonplace novel. supported the novel, she is destined to be dead however will she forestall this from happening before it's too late?

8 - The Duchess With An Empty Soul/ 
The Soulless Duchess (2019)

The Soulless Duchess

Author : Han Jin-Seo - Jin Se-Ha
Genres : Shoujo, Webtoons,Fantasy, Romance, Drama and Historical 
She died miserably, on the day she discovered the reality. The truth, that my betrothed had a hidden lover and it had been my terribly own cousin-german. On the second morning, on my twentieth birthday, a miracle happened. From that time on, she made a decision to not believe in love any longer.She wanted to own a relationship with no strings hooked up and with none superficial feelings like love. "Duke Argentine, can you marry me?

9 - Sincerely: I Became A Duke's Maid (2019)

Sincerely: I Became A Duke's Maid

Author : Jooara/juara (주아라)
Genres :  Shoujo, Romance and Fantasy 
She woke up sooner or later within the story of a completely unique because the maid of the discredited duke and aspect character, Alejandro Quillo Vel Laviti. Can Alejandro’s fate be modified with the looks of a replacement ‘extra’ character? What's the reality behind his cursed mark?

10 - The Justice Of Villainous Woman

The Justice Of Villainous Woman

Author : Sola
Genres : Shoujo, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy and Drama 
The day she lost her young man to her supporter, she fell into the Han dynasty stream by mistake. And once she awoke from sleep, she became a far-famed duke's female offspring named Chartiana Altizer Cailon - who's called the villain!? Her fate was additionally determined the instant she used to be appointed as the next empress candidate by the provincial capital. Regina has 2 candidates, Irene, who is the lover of the prince and American state, Chartiana. 

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