Watch Popular K-Dramas of Past Years

If you love to watch Korean shows like me. I have some great and best Koreans shows listed here which are It's Okay to Not Be Okay, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, Extraordinary You, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Boys Over Flowers, Vincenzo and so on. It's the most popular and famous show in Korea and around the world. 

1 - Squid Game

Squid Game

Squid Game is a 2021 Thriller, Horror fiction Drama. Total 9 episodes and also known as Round Six. Story follow on deadly children's games for chance to win ₩45.6 billion prize, where total 456 players risk their lives to play this deadly game and win the huge amount of money. This show is one of the best and most watched series on Netflix. 

2 - It's Okay to Not Be Okay- 2020

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

It's Okay to Not Be Okay is a 2020 Romance drama and Romantic comedy show, only 16 episodes . The story follows two antisocial people who are book authors and employees of a psychiatric hospital.

3 - What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim it's a 2018 Romantic comedy show, only 16 episodes. Story based on Lee Young-joon who is vice-chairman of a major corporation and his secretary Kim Mi-so who suddenly announced that she wants to resign from her position

4 - Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You is a 2019 Romance, Comedy and Fantasy show, total 32 episodes. Story based on a high school girl named Eun Dan-oh. One day she realized that she's in the fantasy comics world and not her previous life. She is a side character of the comic Story and she decides to change the comic story to find her true love.

5 - Guardian The Lonely and Great God- 2016

Guardian The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God it's a 2016 Romantic and Fantasy show with a total of 19 episodes. Story follows Kim Shin who is an immortal goblin, who is cursed by the almighty as a punishment. The only way to break his curse is when his bride pulls out the sword in his heart.

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Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers it's a 2009 Romantic comedy drama, with a total of 25 episodes. Story is follow a bright girl Jan-Di who is a high school student where she meets with four richest boys and falls in love with one of them.

7 - Vincenzo


Vincenzo is a 2021 Romance, Dark comedy and Crime TV genre show, total episodes 20. Story based on Vincenzo Cassano who was adopted by a mafia family at age of eight and a lawyer for consigliere his family. After his father Don of Cassano died Vincenzo takes all responsibility because it's the last word of Cassano.

8 - Descendants of The Sun

Descendants of The Sun

Descendants of The Sun it's a 2016 full of Romance, Action and Melodrama show, 19 episodes. Story is based on a South Korean Special Forces soldier Si-jin who falls in love with Mo-yeon who is a doctor.

9 - Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is a 2020 Romance, Comedy and Medical drama, two seasons and 24 episodes. Story follows five best friends who become friends when they're in medical school.

10 - Healer


Healer is a 2014 Romantic, Action, Comedy and Thriller drama with a total of 20 episodes. Story is about a fighter group now known as night courier who decided to protect a journalist who investigated the truth from that 1992 incident and series of present day murders.

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