Read These Villainess Manga Which Are The Important Character Of All Story

Other times, the villainess' life is in peril, and she or he must discover ways in which to avoid tragedy by serving to others. A second life is usually seen as a second probability to be higher, however the character's journey isn't simple.

1 - Beware Of The Villainess!

Beware Of The Villainess!

Author : 뽕따맛스크류바
Genres : Drama, Romance
She became the scoundrel of a novel! Does she hate it? No! She noticed it was rather nice. A duke’s girl is an out of work tycoon. however she will miss out on likelihood an opportunity like this?! This can be the simplest chance to only fancy life. she ought to throw out the most plot and simply live life however wish to! Shortly after awakening because of the scoundrel, she witnessed my groom-to-be, the novel’s male lead, the top patrician, cheating. she saw him embrace a girl aside from her and he was smiling therefore bright. she used to be dropped at tears simply kidding, she didn’t cry! she taught her tears square measure price an excessive amount of to be wasted thereon garbage. rather than tears, she loud out, “Your highness, square measure you trash? The girl-crush protagonist that may fully throw out the most story! Why? As a result, it's a waste for a lady to be encircled by low-cost cars.

2 - Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess (2020)

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Author : Gwon Gyeoeul
Genres : Fantasy, Romance
Penelope Eckart reincarnated into the game world. Her life will change because she was adopted by Duke Eckart and therefore the villain of a reverse quarters geological dating sim. The matter is, she entered the sport at its hardest problem, and regardless of what she will, death awaits her at each ending! Before the "real daughter" of Duke Eckart seems, she should opt for one among the male leads and reach a contented ending so as to survive. however the 2 brothers invariably choose a fight together with her over each very little issue, similarly as a crazy prince, whose routes all result in death. There is even a magician who's enamored with the feminine lead, and a loyal slave knight! however somehow, the favorability meters of the male leads increase the additional she crosses the road with them!

3 - When The Villainess Loves

When The Villainess Loves

Author : Hj - 붉구
Genres : Romance
She was transmigrated into the body of a blue blood, living on borrowed time. It’s okay, though, will|We will be able to cure this illness! My goal is to guide a life wherever she can do it no matter what she wants! initially, she made a decision to rave over all of my favorite characters within the novel! However, as a result of her being a scoundrel, individuals around Pine Tree State tend to be wary “You can die before long, and yet are you able to laugh like that?” Well, it’s ‘cus she's super hot.

4 - I’ll Just Live On As A Villainess (
그냥 악역으로 살겠습니다)

I’ll Just Live On As A Villainess

Author : Kim Da-Ham
Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
The main character is a villain, She was Exiled to distant family lands to the north, she was forced to survive in harsh conditions. At the risk of her life from the cold to help her she set fire to the damp firewood.
The story of the villainess who dreams of a peaceful life and the demon Theohari's, who dreams that their contract will be fulfilled.

5 - Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess

Author : 사월생
Genres : Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo
She reborn during a novel within the body of a villain named Elise. Once she tried to poisoned herself betrothed, The prince ordered to kill her. after her death in previous life she try to Cancel her married to crown prince, from the instant she noticed this, she had just one goal. throw off the planet during this novel. Even after death, she attempted to induce out of this world however the ‘world'   failed to permit it. However, when rejecting the trail of “Elise” within the original novel, the lads who had persecuted an unheeded Greek deity began to beg for her interest and   heart. “Who are you?” the priest asked. “You are you actually Elise? “You have modified,” aforementioned the patrician who rejected Elise so as to marry the capital of Montana. it was strange. nobody was fascinated by Elise before.

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6 - My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom (Otome Game No Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou Ni Tensei Shite Shimatta) 

My Next Life as a Villainess

‌Author : Yamaguchi Satoru
‌Genres : 
Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Harem, Slice of life, Shoujo
‌She recovered her past reminiscences once her head was hit by a rock. She become  Katarina Claes, the eight year old child of a duke. Whilst concerned throughout a feverish nightmare, inside that the prince’s betrothed determined, She even have complete that this world is Associate in Nursing otome game from her previous life and she even have became the villain interfered with the romance of the capture targets. If the main character got a cheerful end, she would be exiled, but if she got a foul end, she would be killed by the capture target she do not have any happy finish?! Why is it all bad?!Somehow she even has to avoid the destruction, finish, and reach maturity peacefully!

7 - 
The Villainess is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 2016 

The Villainess is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country

Author : Satoya Hoshina - Puni-Chan
Genres : Romance, Fantasy,  Shoujo, School life, Slice of life
The story starts with her engagement cancelled, Tiararose was imagined to exiled from the country. She realized that this is the otome game I played just before the story’s ending. is looking ahead to my conviction the sole issue I will do? However, I failed to do something too cruel. Thinking thus, the ending proceeds. However, throughout the judgement, one thing that wasn't attainable within the game happened. Tiarose was projected to be by the prince of the neighboring country.

8 - I’M Not A Villainess (2019)

I’M Not A Villainess Manga

Author : Rika Fujiwara - Satsuki Otonashi
Genres : Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy,  Action, Adventure, Drama 
Due to a particular incident, Sakura's life was cut short. To assume her life amounted to the current. Though depressed for a short moment, she shortly accomplished she'd reincarnated into the planet of a unique she once read! However, the person she reincarnated as was none apart from the villain, Claudia. Under the divine protection of the Dark Spirit King, she finds herself hated by those around her, and, in the end, she's certain to satisfy a tragic death?! No approach in hell she'll let each her last life and this one meet a foul End! however even once she tries to require action to somehow modification her fate.

9 - Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiancé 2017

Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiancé

Author : Natsume Hasumi - Shiki
Genres : Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Shoujo
The Crown prince Cecil was very smart that everything in his life was of boring him. once his betrothed Bertia suddenly said that "Prince Cecil, I'm a villainess. To claiming that this world is that identical as that of associate "otome game". She wasenjoying the role of the "villainess" in this life. Now she has aims to play her well and have their engagement annulled. Therewith goal in mind, she sets about inflicting turmoil in Cecil's life vogue.

10 - I’m a Martial Art Villainess but I’m the Strongest (2021)

I’m a Martial Art Villainess but I’m the Strongest Manga Image

Author : Wilbrite
Genres : Romance, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Historical 
The Main character was an unsuccessful romance fantasy novel writer. Once she gets into a car accident then she wakes up in the novel and realizes she became the villain in an exceedingly popular martial arts novel. She use 
her previous life knowledge in  from read the novel that she had analyzed in her original life. So as to avoid her death-ending and finding the reality behind what had very happened to her. 

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