Surprising Facts About Russia

It is certainly mysterious for such a large country, which only serves to increase its allure. Russia draws adventurous travelers eager to experience this intriguing nation rich in history and culture because of its diversity and element of the unexpected. For a start, consider these fascinating facts about Russia.

1 - All across the entire world, Russia has the longest railway.


Did you know that Russia is home to the world's longest railway? The 5,772 km-long Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. The Trans-Siberian Railway makes it simple to take your time and train-travel throughout Russia. Depending on your financial situation and desired experience, you have the option to travel in first or third class. If you want to travel to China and Mongolia as well, the Trans-Siberian Railway also has connections to those nations.

2 - Russian cats are employed.

Russian Museum

Cats are a treasure of the Hermitage Museum, which is a national treasure of Russia. These guardians are appreciated by the entire crew because they prevent rodents from damaging priceless works of art. Even the cats receive regular compensation and have their own passports with pictures.

3 - Russia has many trees.


Russia is home to one-fifth of all trees on the globe. The largest number of trees, 643 billion, are present in this nation. In Russia's taiga, or boreal forest, which makes up the majority of the country, trees cover over 45% of the land. These densely forested areas, which were previously entirely covered by glaciers, are now home to many courageous species, such as the Siberian tiger, boars, eagle, and owl.

4 - When you spend 2 minutes at each exhibit, it would take you 6 years to visit all of the Hermitage Museum.


Given how enormous—in fact, massive—the Hermitage is, it now makes clear why it employs cats to perform some of the labor. There are more than 3 million exhibits inside this complex, which is made up of six different buildings. It is not only one of the biggest museums in the world, but it was also created in 1764, making it one of the oldest as well. Although the Louvre is amazing, the Hermitage in Russia is simply on another level!

5 - In Russia, stray dogs are allowed on the subway.

Russian City

Moscow's dogs have had to learn how to navigate the city's harsh winters by becoming street smart. As you tour the magnificent metro system, you might witness one of the city's canine residents getting on and off the trains. Others have learned to identify metro stops by the announcements made over the tannoy, while others have made friends with security personnel. They also manage the rat population, much like the cats at the Hermitage Museum.

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The prevalence of superstitions and customs among Russians in general is another fascinating aspect of the country. Giving flowers exclusively in odd numbers is one of the most commonly practiced customs. Many Russians think that an even quantity of flowers is only appropriate for graveyards. A Russian may take it personally if you give them an odd amount of flowers. The Russians also think you shouldn't give out an odd amount of flowers or wear your clothes backwards. The Russians think that if you wear your clothes backwards, you will be physically punished.

7 - There are 12 active volcanoes in Russia.

Russian Amusement Park

There are 12 active volcanoes in the country, with Kamchatka being one of the most popular and easily accessible. The surrounding scenery of the volcano is breathtaking. With over 1,000 types of plants and animals, including wolves and brown bears, it's the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys hiking and the outdoors.

8 - Russians are taught to frown.

Russians Army

One more fascinating truth about Russia is that, as they get older, Russians learn to frown. Regardless of the fact that many other cultures regard smiling as a sign of happiness or kindness, Russians do not. Smiling is seen by Russians as a sign of weakness and of hiding one's genuine emotions. Russians do grin, although not as often as individuals from other cultures do, when they are around people they know and care about.

9 - One of the highest concentrations of billionaires per capital is found in Moscow.

Russian City

The Russian capital city has more billionaires per capital than Shanghai and London combined, which may or may not be a surprise. There are precisely 79 billionaires, according to Forbes. Moscow is indeed the place to go if you enjoy expensive automobiles! Be prepared to see more luxury vehicles on the road than perhaps anywhere else. Read More: Meet Richest Person In The World

10 - Females make up 54% of the population of Russia.

Russian Amusement Park

Between male and female populations, there is a large gap in Russia. Males only make up 46% of the population in Russia, while females make up 54%. Why is the population so drastically different? When 25 million Russian soldiers died in World War II, a population deficit was created. Even though there is no longer a war, males in Russia still live far less than women do. Many Russians reside in harsh rural areas where life is hard. Russian men frequently experience hunting mishaps, subpar healthcare, and excessive alcohol use.

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