10 Facts About Canada That No One Knows

These obscure peculiarities span the nation's history, geography, and culture. Consider this list as a fun challenge if you're a Canadian or a native resident: how thoroughly do you know your country?

1 - How much wood in the world is found in Canada?


The fact that Canada has a lot of trees is one of the best-known facts about the country, but did you know that we actually account for 10% of the world's total forest cover and 30% of the world's boreal forest? The total area of forests and other woody terrain in the nation is staggering: 396.9 million hectares, 68% of which are coniferous. The highlight of it all is that our forestland is primarily held by the government.

2 - The doors of Churchill, Manitoba, are never locked.


Nobody locked their doors to their homes or cars in Churchill, Manitoba, a town in Canada's extreme north, just in case a polar bear decided to attack. On their route to the Hudson Bay, polar bears can freely stroll the streets of Churchill, which is located in Polar Bear Alley. They are experts at getting along with the strong polar bear. Oh, and here's another one of Canada's very interesting facts that I bet you didn't know: Churchill is the world's center for polar bear research.

3 - In Canada, do winter ice cream sales outpace summer sales?

Ice Cream

Regarding Mother Nature, Canadians occasionally express contradictory opinions. We know how long and miserable our winters can be, despite the magnificent snowy times we occasionally have. We enjoy soaking up the sun and indulging in all that summertime has to offer, including ice cream, because of this. What is surprising is that during the colder months, Canadians actually purchase more ice cream!

4 - Canada's name is derived from an Iroquoian term.


The word "Canada" is most likely derived from the Huron-Iroquois word "Kanata," that meaning "village" or "settlement." The town of Stadacona, which is where the present city of Québec is now, was the way to Kanata as it was reported to French adventurer Jacques Cartier in 1535.

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5 - Of all the countries in the world, Canada boasts the most lakes.


Over 2 million lakes can be found in Canada, the most in the world. About 563 of these lakes total more than 100 square kilometers. The Big Bear Lake in the Northwest and Lake Superior & Lake Huron in Ontario are a few of these huge lakes.

6 - Whenever it comes to donuts consumption, does Canada top the list?


When addressing Canadian facts, it is sensible to begin with doughnuts. Their favorite food is donuts! Despite having only 30 million people, Canada consumes 1 billion doughnuts annually. Tim Hortons, one of the must-see destinations in Canada, has to thank the company for this honor.

7 - Canada took more than 35 years to decide on its flag.

Canada Flag

The Canadian Parliament debated the appropriate flag for the nation for more than 35 years before making a decision. It officially unfurled its red, white, and blue flag on February 15, 1965. As a result, the nation observes "National Flag of Canada Day" on February 15. That's one interesting truth about Canada.

8 - The principal food of the indigenous inhabitants of Canada was maple sap.


Along with being a symbol of Canada's abundant natural resources, the maple leaf also recalls how, prior to the arrival of European immigrants, indigenous peoples utilized maple sap as a primary meal. Without a doubt, this is one of Canada's more symbolic facts.

9 - Dominion Day was the previous name for Canada Day.


Prior to the passage of the Canada Act in 1982, Canada Day was known as Dominion Day and was derived from the French phrase "Fête du Dominion." It's vital to remember that the holiday will be celebrated on July 2nd if this day falls on a Sunday.

10 - Canada's national winter sport is ice hockey.

Ice Hockey

Canada's preferred winter sport is ice hockey, while lacrosse is its summer sport. Ice hockey also has over 14 million supporters nationwide, making it the third most popular kids' sport in Canada.

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