Can a cat eat an apple? Which apples are safe for cats to eat?

Among the most well-liked fruits is the apple, which is available practically everywhere. There is an apple for every taste because of their endless variety. But do apples provide cats with the same nutrition that they provide for people? When giving your cat apples, what must you be wary of?

Can cats eat apples?

Kitty with Apple

Yes, cats can occasionally eat a small bit of apple flesh, but this fruit isn't a must for their diet. Apples' meat is not poisonous to cats, but their seeds, stems, and leaves can be because all of them contain cyanide. While your cat must eat a lot of apple seeds to achieve a deadly quantity of cyanide, those seeds can still irritate your cat's stomach.

Can cooked apples be eaten by cats?


Once more, cooked apples' flesh is typically safe for cats, and cooking also makes it softer and simpler for your cat to consume. However, many varieties of cooked apples will have additional additives like cinnamon and sugar that aren't particularly beneficial for cats added to them during the baking process. Therefore, if you want to serve cooked apples to your feline buddy, always be sure to give them a little portion that is plain and unadorned and to check that the apple isn't too hot.

Apples' health benefits

Cat Eat Apple

Does eating a piece of fruit a day really prevent illness? Yes, it can be beneficial. Vitamins and minerals are abundant in apples. You can't go wrong with this great superfruit because it contains copper, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.

Nutritionists frequently suggest apples, especially in their entire fruit form, as a means to satisfy hunger. In fact, research found that people who consumed fruits whole, without juicing or pureeing them, felt more content and full.

Apples contain a lot of polyphenols as well. This micronutrient may aid in the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, digestive problems, and other conditions.

Which Apple Varieties Can Cats Eat?


Since cats lack taste buds for sweetness, they won't necessarily have the same strong preferences for various types that we do. This does not necessarily imply that you should try any old variety. Sweeter types will contain more sugar, which your cat could certainly do without. If your cat has diabetes, too much sugar in their food can also upset their stomach and lead to issues.

How to Safely Feed Your Cat's Apples

Cat with Apples

However, not all cats are equally healthy when it comes to their health. Your cat may chew on a small slice of raw apple without any problems. Although many apples cooked for human use will also contain extra sugars and spices that won't be as nutritious for your cat, cooked apples may be simpler to chew and digest. Apple juice, apple sweets, and dried apples are all high in sugar and should be avoided.

Apples are a common household food item. The next time you're eating this nutritious fruit, if your cat shows any interest, feel free to give them a small slice.

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