Kid-friendly feline: Cat breeds for family

8 cat breeds to think about with households that have kids, Cats are renowned for being wary and, as a species, can seem a little distant. At the first indication of a child, some cats would even hide below the bed. Families with children require a specific breed of cat that not only puts up with the commotion of life with kids but actually relishes interacting with them. Here are eight excellent cat breeds for households with children:

1 - American Shorthair

American Shorthair

These strong cats are suited for family life and are laid-back and affable. The breed is at the top of the list of ideal cats for kids, and people frequently choose them. These affectionate cats are easy to care for, prefer to get along with both people and other animals, and typically have long, healthy lives. Bonus: Due to their heritage as working kittens, American shorthairs are adept at capturing rodents and will contribute to the family as a whole.

2 - Ragdoll


Ragdoll cats, known for their laid-back personalities, adore their owners and enjoy engaging in interactive play. One of the friendliest cat breeds available, they enjoy being held and frequently meet their owners at the door to accompany us around the house. They are said to fall into the arms of the person holding them, much like ragdolls, and they frequently feature brilliant blue eyes and a medium size.

Ragdoll cats are not only capable of keeping up with busy children, but they also like attention. Because they are gentle, docile, and unlikely to hurt kids, including babies, ragdoll cats are a preferred choice for homes with kids.

3 - Siamese


With good reason, Siamese cats remain one of the more popular breeds in households. They are intelligent, which can occasionally cause them to be demanding with their owners, but they also have loving personalities and are generally friendly, making them an excellent choice for kids acquiring their first cat.

4 - Birman


The Birman cat species is praised for its devotion and love. They are kind, peaceful, and enjoy cuddling with their loved ones. Due to their gregarious nature and dislike of being alone, they are best suited for households with children and multiple pets. Because of their intelligence, they can even be taught tricks like how to walk on a leash, which kids will like. Birmans enjoy playing, which makes them excellent playmates for kids. They make excellent adventure companions for kids because they are a species that is naturally interested and inquisitive and loves to explore its surroundings!

5 - Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cats

The affectionately referred to as "Abys" breed of Abyssinians is devoted and typically gets along with kids and other animals. The Abyssinians were people-oriented cats who enjoyed taking part in the events going on around them. They are known for their interest, playfulness, and eagerness to explore their environment.

6 - Bengal


Children can have a fantastic time playing with these cats because they are as energetic and active as the Abyssinian and Bengal. Bengals are highly social and inquisitive animals; therefore, living with an active family with young children can be very stimulating. Children must be taught to play with Bengals safely as well as how to treat cats with respect because some Bengals don't want to be handled and aren't tolerant of rough treatment.

7 - Maine Coon

Maine Coon

They are adored because of their playful, kitten-like personalities. Maine coons are a strong breed that originated in Maine as a working type. They have independent yet loving personalities. Maine coon cats are fantastic additions to homes and are especially well-liked as therapy cats due to their friendliness towards everyone.

8 - Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Although the Devon Rex is a small breed, it may be better to pair them up with older children because they are social, pleasant, and vivacious. The Devon Rex might be a great option for kids. Kids that enjoy playing and socializing alongside their feline friend will get along well with this relaxed and fun-loving species. The Devon Rex's distinctive appearance will probably appeal to children as well.

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