9 popular mixed-breed hybrid cats

Check out these nine hybrid cat breeds when you want a feline with a distinctive appearance that includes wild stripes or spots, big eyes, and additional distinguishing characteristics. When a domestic cat crosses with an undomesticated and wild cat breed, a hybrid cat breed is produced.

This breeding might be done to blend preferred personality qualities and other characteristics of both domestic and wild cats, or it may be done to try and achieve more wild patterns, colors, and other physical aspects.

1 - Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

The most typical and well-liked hybrid cat breed is the Bengal cat. The oldest known instance of Bengals being produced by breeding house cats with Asian leopard cats dates back to 1934. They weren't continuously produced and developed into the well-liked breeds they are now until around twenty years ago.

Before classifying a Bengal as a domestic cat, a breeder must keep it a minimum of three generations apart from its parents. Bengals were larger than the majority of domestic cats, and the backs and belly of these cats still have leopard-like wild patches on their coats.

2 - Burmilla


If you're fortunate enough to find a Burmilla breeder, anyone can adopt an Australian Tiffanie-style, green-eyed, beautiful cat. An unusual breed known as the Burmilla was created in 1981 by mating a Burmese with a Chinchilla Persian cat. While its popularity has increased, there are still not many breeders of the species, which was brought into the United States by UK breeders in the middle of the 1990s.

Unlike other mixed-breed cats, Burmilla cats are loving with humans but do not want constant care. They may thrive in a variety of indoor settings, but they require a tower or an obstacle course to hone their outstanding climbing abilities. The majority of cats do not experience separation anxiety if left alone, making them perfect for homes with additional pets and young children.

3 - Caracat


Caracats are domestic Abyssinian cats that have been crossed with caracals, giving them the magnificent beauty and untamed appearance of true wildcats. There are only about 30 of these cats left in the world today, and they are both contentious and incredibly rare.

Kitten survival is extremely unusual because of the size and gestational duration of the parent breeds.

4 - Cheetoh


Those who like spots often like Cheetoh cats. The Bengal cat and the ocicat were combined to create a more contemporary hybrid cat breed in the hope of developing a sociable but wild-appearing breed. Despite having a massive body, it is said that this crossing cat gets along well with humans and other animals. The cheetoh is not as frequent as the Bengal and Savannah, but because of its striking markings, it is growing in popularity.

5 - Serengeti


The Bengal cat or the Oriental shorthair are the two domestic cat breeds that were combined to create the Serengeti, unlike other hybrids. Although they preserve the distinctive, spotted coat and have smaller characteristics than their Bengal counterparts, the ultimate goal for this breed is to resemble a serval without employing wild cats as breeding stock. They retain the vocal characteristics of their Orient shorthair ancestors or are extremely lively and nimble.

6 - Savannah


Savannah cats were developed by breeding domestic cats with African sables. This is one of the biggest domestic cat species, and it only takes one or two generations for the hybrids to be deemed good house pets.

7 - Chausie


They are sociable, playful cats who enjoy being around people, dogs, and other cats. Chausies sometimes look like Abyssinian cats or are built to run and jump.

8 - Toyger


If you prefer stripes yet don't want to own a pet tiger, a toyger can be the ideal choice. This breed is amiable and highly trainable, and it was created by mating a domesticated tabby cat with a Bengal cat. Toygers, like a lot of purebred cats, can be susceptible to heart disease, but they are also very playful and are wonderful house cats, despite the fact that they are not as widespread as Bengal cats.

9 - Pixiebob


Pixiebobs are extremely sociable and active cats that were bred to resemble a hybrid between a bobcat and a domestic cat. Pixiebobs, like bobcats, have ear tufts and a bobbed or shortened tail. They typically have polydactyl toes with chirping noises.

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