Surprising Facts About Rice

More people are nourished daily through rice than any other crop, making it one of the most valuable commodities in the world. It is a staple cuisine in many nations as a result. Whatever else is left to learn about this miracle crop, though? Here are 10 facts about rice that help you to learn more about these.

1 - Rice-sticky glue is used to keep the Great Wall of China together.


You can imagine how difficult it can be to get caked-on rice out of the bottom of a pot. The Great Wall was constructed between the 15th and 16th centuries under the Ming dynasty, and the mortar used to hold the stones together was a porridge produced from rice and calcium carbonate.

2 - Unless it is brown rice, rice can be stored for years.


White uncooked rice can be kept fresh and edible for ten to thirty years (if stored properly). However, due to its bran coating's tendency to oxidize during this time, uncooked brown rice only has a shelf life of three to six months.

3 - Compared to white rice, brown rice has more fiber.


People with dietary limitations frequently choose brown rice. In contrast to white rice, which is devoid of these nutrients and instead provides "empty" calories, brown rice keeps the fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants present in whole grains.

4 - Rice can make you sick.

White Rice

If not properly stored, it could. When uncooked rice that survives cooking is left at room temperature, the spores often start to develop into bacteria that can eventually lead to food poisoning. It is best to prepare as much rice as you will consume in order to prevent this, or to cool remaining cooked rice in the refrigerator and reheat to scorching hot when you want to eat again.

5 - Numerous health advantages exist for rice.


Rice offers quick and easy energy. It also provides a crucial supply of vitamin B1, which controls and enhances bowel movements, slows down aging, and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

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In fact, eating something as tasty and filling as rice can usually make you happy, but in addition, rice and other carbohydrates cause your brain to release serotonin. A hormone called serotonin is thought to improve mood and aid in weight loss. Additionally, rice is simple to make, reasonably priced, and nutritionally beneficial. Who wouldn't be delighted by that?

7 - Except for Antarctica, every continent grows rice.


Rice is a fantastic crop to produce anywhere and feed a big population since it is flexible, simple to grow, and has a very high yield. Over 3,000 grains of rice can be produced from just one rice seed.

8 - Rice inspired the names of Toyota and Honda.

White Rice

These two Japanese automobile brands have rice-related names. In reality, Honda refers to "the main rice field" and Toyota refers to "a bountiful rice field."

9 - The impact of brown rice on diabetes is one of its key advantages.

Brown Rice

The main benefit of brown rice, despite its drawbacks, is its impact on diabetes. Every daily serving of white rice carries a greater than 10% risk of developing diabetes. Meanwhile, eating brown rice can cut your risk of developing diabetes by 16%.

10 - Gluten is naturally absent from rice.


All rice cultivars are gluten-free in their raw forms. The word "glutinous rice," on the other hand, refers to a sticky variety of rice rather than the gluten present in barley, rye, and wheat. As a result, folks who are gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease can eat rice.

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