10 Facts To Know About France

Numerous people around the world enjoy speaking French! To provide a distinct perspective on this Western European nation, we have looked at some of the less well-known facts about France. These French facts that we have gathered are the ideal place to begin your adventure if you intend to learn French abroad or simply want to learn more about the nation for a future visit.

1 - Every year, the French consume 25,000 tonnes of snails.

Snails Food

Did you know that more than 25,000 metric tonnes of snails are consumed annually in France? A large number of snails! On average, a French person eats 500 snails every year. Snails are frequently consumed during holidays in France since they are regarded as a delicacy.
Escargot is the French word for snails. While there are many varieties of escargot that you may eat, cooking snails in butter and garlic is one of the most popular methods to eat them in France.
In France, eating snails at a French restaurant is the best option. Snails are frequently served as an appetizer, so your waiter should give you special tools to help crack the shell before serving them to you.

2 - Over the course of Its territories, France has 13 distinct time zones.


One of the most remarkable things about France is that it contains the longest time zones in the entire world, including all of its foreign territories. France has 13 time zones in total, although the mainland only observes one due to its territorial claim in Antarctica. The great distance between all of France's overseas territories, including French Polynesia, Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and others, is the cause of this wide variety.

3 - France has the shortest reigning king in human history.


Louis-Antoine became King of France and Navarre after his father abdicated the crown on August 2, 1830, at the insistence of protesters. Only 20 minutes into his leadership, he too gave in to pressure to resign the throne.

4 - The importance of sleep to the French.

Sleeping Person

The average individual in France sleeps a median of 8 hours every night, which is longer than the rest of the globe. The average French resident prefers going to bed without pressing the snooze button, in contrast to the majority of people from wealthy and developed nations who only sleep for 5–6 hours daily.

5 - France created the camera Phone.


Who knew France was responsible for the selfie? In 1997, Philippe Kahn created the first camera phone, which is now widely used. His newborn daughter was the subject of the very first photograph, which is why he created the device himself in the first place.

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Remembrance of Things Past, also known as A La Recherche du temps perdu, is the world's longest book and was written by a Frenchman named Marcel Proust. It includes almost 3,000 pages. There are tens of thousands of plots and threads in it. The first volume of the book was published in 1913.

7 - France produces more than 1,000 types of cheese.


One can argue over how many different kinds of cheese are produced in France. It all depends on your ability to distinguish the minute differences in technique and flavor. While some people say more, some people say less. Do not worry. Whatever the case, France has more than enough fromage to go around. Among the most well-known are Camembert and Emmental.

8 - In 2013, France made same-sex unions legal.


On May 18, 2013, President Françoise Holland signed the measure into law, making France the ninth nation in Europe and the fourteenth in the world to allow same-sex unions. Polls at the time indicated that around 50% of French citizens supported it, although not everyone was pleased with it. In reality, thousands of people protested in the streets in support of the so-called "family values."

9 - The most popular destination in the world is France.


France is not merely a well-liked tourist destination where people frequently travel. The world's most popular travel destination is there! Every year, 89 million visitors come here. This means that you should prepare for a lot of commotion and crowded attractions. It also implies that you made a wise decision. There are many stunning spots to visit in France, making it the top destination for vacationers.

10 - French supermarkets are not allowed to trash food.


Food that is approaching its "best by" date cannot be thrown out by supermarkets in France. The food must be given to a charity or food bank instead. This regulation was passed in France in 2016 to combat hunger and stop food waste!

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