Interesting Facts About the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a beautiful place in the world. Well, Paris had already proven its charm to the globe before the tower was even designed with several wonderful monuments; currently, the Eiffel Tower surpasses all of them in height. The iron tower is often seen from every one of those 3 buildings from a special and fascinating angle. There are tonnes of things that everybody is aware of regarding the Eiffel Tower, but there are even more things that a stunning quantity of individuals do not know -- and this list covers them each.

1 - Someone gets married at the Eiffel tower during an event.

Eiffel Tower

The late engineer who constructed the tower was not married to Mrs. Eiffel. In truth, the Tower was legally wed to an American by the name of Erika Aya in 2007 during a commitment ceremony, however she prefers to go by Erika Eiffel. She is claimed to suffer from paraphilia, a disorder in which people form close bonds with inanimate items.

2 - It’s technically impossible to photograph the Eiffel tower in the dark.

Eiffel Tower

The tower lights up every hour in the dark and sparkles in what's referred to as the "illumination show." However, you'll be penalized for taking an image of this and sharing it on Facebook, since the government claims that this light-weight show is "art work" and thus proprietary.

3 - It was solely meant to last for twenty years.

Eiffel Tower

The tower was designed to give the French a chance to point out their industrial capabilities while celebrating the centennial of the French Revolution at the World's Fair in 1889. It had been supposed to be a short-lived monument that will solely signify twenty years before being torn down. Voters in Paris and most of the globe learned about the structure, saw it, and fell in love with it. The antenna at the top was so helpful for telegrams that the plans to tear it down never came to fruition.

4 - There’s a secret flat at the top.

Eiffel Tower

When Alexandre Gustave Eiffel designed this tower, he smartly enclosed a personal flat for himself wherever he hosted notable guests, like Edison. The flat is currently open for the general public to tour.

5 - The Eiffel tower served in world war one.

Eiffel Tower

Early in the 20th century, the Eiffel Tower was the site of numerous advances. A radio transmitter housed in the tower interfered with German radio transmissions in 1914, at the start of World War I, preventing German forces from entering Paris. This is thought to have been a key factor in the Allies' success at the First Battle of the Marne. The French soldiers used the tower's wireless station to snare enemy messages coming from Berlin.

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6 - The great monument is illuminated with 20,000 bulbs.

Eiffel Tower

The tower's lovely golden light is produced by 336 sodium floodlights that were put in the joists of the structure. The Eiffel Tower's twinkle, which makes it stand out against the backdrop of Paris, is caused by 20,000 6W LED bulbs flashing quickly one after another. Camera flashes served as inspiration for the effect. From sunset till one in the morning, the monument illuminates every home for 5 minutes.

7 - 
Gustave Eiffel didn't design the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

Despite having been named for Gustave Eiffel, who did not create the structure, the Eiffel Tower was not his creation. 2 senior engineers who worked for his company, Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, really created the Tower. To improve the structure's aesthetics, the two engineers collaborated with French architect Stephen Sauvestre. However, Mr. Eiffel provided most of the funding for the construction of the tower and later bought the intellectual rights.

8 - Eiffel tower size changes with the weather.

Eiffel Tower

The metal of the tower changes size each year due to seasonal contraction in the winter and expansion in the summer. The height of the Eiffel Tower can vary by up to 15 cm. This occurs as a result of puddled iron's sensitivity to temperature changes, which is what the Tower is built of. Thermal expansion causes the Tower to grow larger at higher temperatures, but at lower temperatures, the structure shrinks.

9 - Hitler ordered the Eiffel tower to be destroyed.

Eiffel Tower

When European nations occupied France throughout the Second World War, Hitler ordered that the Eiffel Tower be torn down; however, the order was never followed through. French resistance fighters got their revenge, though—they cut the Tower's elevator cables so that the Nazis were forced to climb the steps to hoist their flag.

10 - There’s a post office within the Eiffel tower.

Eiffel Tower

Since it was built, the Eiffel Tower has hosted a number of installations, such as Gustave Eiffel's penthouse residence, a radio station, the Le Figaro newsroom, and even a theatre! The post office located on the Eiffel Tower's first floor has been one of the most intriguing constructions. It was the smallest post office in Paris, situated 187 meters above the earth, and it permitted users to send mail bearing collectible stamps and the well-known illustrated Eiffel Tower postmark. Visitors could send postcards from mailboxes on each floor that were equipped with postmarks that could verify their transit through every level of the Tower.

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