Interesting Fun Fact About BTS Members

BTS is now a youth sensation and has become worldwide famous, most of the world recognize them. BTS is the first K-Pop group who got the opportunity to give a speech in the UN(United Nations). Everyone knows about the BTS, BTS is a Korean boy band group, they are musicians and dancers. BTS has seven members and seven different, charming, loving, caring, motivational and sometimes funny personalities but the music love is the same which joined them together. If you want to know more about the BTS read it-

1 - BTS has different meanings, one of them is Bangtan Sonyeondan which means in Korea “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”.

Bangtan Sonyeondan

2 - Forbes listed BTS in March 2016 as the most retweeted artist within the world.


3 - "Dark and Wild" was the first album released on August 19, 2014 by BTS.

Dark and Wild

4 - BTS also known as their lyrics which touch sensitive topics like mental health issues, societal ideals, school bullying, female empowerment, nihilism and suicide.


5 - RM learned English by watching the popular American sitcom show Friends.


6 - BTS member Suga writes songs daily.


7 - Jungkook is the youngest member of the group and the oldest one is Jin.

Jin and Jungkook

8 - BTS fans called “ARMY” which means “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.”


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9 - BTS 'first United States TV performance was the American Music Awards in 2017.


10 - BTS is the first Korean band group who got their own emoji on Twitter.

BTS Emoji

11 - In 2018 July BTS sold at least 7 million albums worldwide.


12 - On 27 May 2018 Love Yourself: Tear BTS 'third full-length album was number one on the US Billboard 200. Which made them the first K-Pop group who did that and it became the biggest selling Korean album in a month in the last 16 years. Retailed more than 1.2 million copies in the first month of release on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart.

Love Yourself BTS Album

13 - Coca-Cola Beverage Co, South Korea company chose BTS to feature promotional ambassadors models in June 2018.

BTS Coca-Cola

14 - BTS donated in the charity of K-Star Road opening ceremony as seven tons of rice in 2016 and BTS members from time to time donates.


15 - V aka Kim Taehyung played the saxophone for three years in his school.


16 - BTS J-hope is the only member who doesn't have pierced his ears.


17 - In the BTS dorm, they had their house rule when one of the members broke the house rule then they used to collect 1,000 and this money they mostly used to buy pizza and chicken.


18 - After South Korea beat Germany in 2018 World Cup, BTS's new song “Fake Love” ranked 31 spots on the iTunes Mexico chart.

BTS Song Fake Love

19 - In late 2017 BTS members moved into one of the most expensive apartment complexes in Seoul Korea.


20 - BTS 'shortest member is Jimin who is 5.67 feet (173 cm) tall and The tallest member is RM who is 5.93 feet (181 cm) tall.

Jimin and RM

21 - Suga also have a other name “gloss”. Before joining the BTS group he was an underground rapper and his underground rapper name was gloss.


22 - RM initials called “Rap Monster,” but actually his real name is Kim Nam-Joon.


23 - BTS produce their own songs like they edit, compose, write, and record all songs on their own.


24 - Suga have a common bad habit He bites his nails all the time, like me.


25 - J-hope was a street dancer, before joining the BTS group he danced with the Neutron which is a street dancing group.


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