20 Interesting Fun Facts About World That You Don't Know

The world is full of amazing things and facts, here are some really exciting fun facts about the world. If you want to know about the world fun facts, Read to learn interesting and exciting facts about the world and I'm sure some of these facts you never knew about before. 

1 - Do you know that Giant Tortoises Are Going Extinct

Giant Tortoises

Giant tortoises live only on two groups of islands and this species is in danger of extinction. They take many years to mature and only some of these become that large. One of the main reasons for this species extinction is hungry sailors. Sailors eat these extinct tortoises because slow tortoises are easy to hunt. 

2 - Dinosaurs are Different Than are Imagine


Many non-flying dinosaurs like velociraptor had feathers, and sauropods like Apatosaurus had long-tailed, long-necked, herbivores.

3 - Chew Gum It's Illegal in Singapore

Chew Gum

In 1992 Singapore Prime Minister was fed up with the expense of cleaning the public bench so they launched the new public transportation system that made sale and import of chewing gum illegal in Singapore.

4 - To Make a Jelly Bean Takes About a Week.

Jelly Bean

Jelly beans are small but it takes a week to make in the factories. Firstly jelly and sugar syrup is boiled, mixed, then left to set. Then it's piped into tiny cornstarch molds to cool them and leave it until the time to add the outer layer. Then the jelly counters are put into large rotating drums, where sugar, flavoring, and color are slowly added.

5 - Our Brain Is a Hard Drive.


Do you know that our brain consists of about one billion neurons and nerve cells?

6 - Crocodiles are related to birds 
more closely than lizards.


7 - You Can Rent a Mom in Brooklyn.

Mother and Child

Nina Keneally lives in Brooklyn and she started a business called Need A Mom, by renting herself out as a mother. She provides services like watching movies with you when you don't want to be alone, nonjudgmental listening, resume review, providing you mom advice and mom help and more.

8 - Do you know where an earthquake-proof city is?

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an earthquake-proof city in the world.

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9 - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco's can ‘speaks’

Golden Gate Bridge

10 - In Netherlands Giethoorn Village There are no streets, only over 6km of canals and footpaths.

Netherlands Giethoorn Village

11 - Hawaii is the only place where you can experience snowy mountains and sunny beaches on the same island.


12 - What is the world's most visited country name? 


France has over 89 million annual tourists recorded which makes France world's most visited country.

13 - What is the letter not used in any U.S. state name?


Any guess, 'Q' is the only letter that was not used in any U.S. states name.

14 - Did you know that Armadillo are the only mammals that have a shell and that is bulletproof. 


15 - High heels are originally worn by men.


In the 10th century, European men added heels to their boots, to make horse riding easy.

16 - Did you know the name of any fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding?

Black sapote

Black sapote is a chocolate pudding fruit, according to Good Morning America. 

17 - What is the hottest temperature ever recorded?


Sandia National Laboratories Researchers produced the record-breaking temperature in their lab for using a superheated gas that recorded 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit which makes this world's hottest temperature.

18 - Tree rings get bigger during wet years. According to NASA, thick rings means there was significant rainfall and thinner rings appear during drought years.

Tree Ring

19 - What is the hottest inhabited place in the world 

Hottest inhabited place

Ethiopia is the hottest inhabited place in the world, even in winters the average temperature was between 97 and 98 degrees. 

20 - Did you know hot water can freeze faster than cold water which is amazing.

Hot water

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