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Kazue Kato is the creator of the made-up characters from the manga series Blue Exorcist. The protagonist of the tale is Rin Okumura, a teenager who finds out he is the god demon Satan's son, born of a human woman, and the heir to Satan's abilities. After his protector is killed by Satan, Rin resolves to become an exorcist in order to bring his father down. As Rin enrolls in the True Cross Academy to learn how to battle demons, he befriends a number of other apprentice exorcists.

Blue Exorcist main protagonist

Blue Exorcist Main Characters

1: Rin Okumura

Rin Okumura

Rin can draw Kurikara to gain access to the power he acquired from Satan. Drawing the blade transforms Rin back into his demon form, and the sheath serves as a portal to Gehenna. Several physical characteristics that Rin displays in his human form are indicators of his demonic nature, and these characteristics become more pronounced in his demon incarnations. As the defining characteristic of all things associated with Satan, blazing blue flames, which Rin can manipulate in both forms, are extremely destructive. Nevertheless, the intensity of the flames increases substantially when he draws Kurikara, which frequently results in Rin becoming "consumed" by his own flames and going insane. Rin subsequently learns how to control his flames from a spirit known as Kongo Ucchusma.

2: Yukio Okumura

Yukio Okumura

As Yukio has already attained the title of "Meister" in both the Dragoon and Doctor classes—both of which are still fully competent exorcists—it is sometimes said that Yukio is a prodigy. Normally, people would aim for Meister in just one class. At the moment, he is classified as a middle-class exorcist. Even though it is revealed that Yukio had once been close to his brother, he starts to despise Rin after learning how to become an exorcist in order to defend Rin. Rin receives special treatment because he is the powerful son of Satan, and Yukio blames Rin for the passing of their adoptive father, which only serves to fan the flames of his hatred. But as the show progresses, Yukio begins to feel the same kind of affection for his brother.

Through his eyes, Yukio finds out during the battle with Todo that he also inherited Satan's flame, which unwittingly keeps him safe anytime he's on the verge of death. Yukio becomes fascinated with learning the real story of his and Rin's birth as a result of the revelation. After reading the file Lightning supplied, which revealed the mystery of the Order of the True Cross, Yukio began to think that, although his brother was adored because he had fully inherited Satan's power, Shiro had never loved him and had merely nurtured him to be a living weapon. Yukio becomes an Illuminati member due to his infatuation with discovering the truth and his envy of Rin.

3: Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi possesses the ability to become a tamer and can call upon a dependable Greenman spirit that can create barriers relating to plants and heal herbs. Shiemi's ability to keep her Greenman around for extended periods of time without becoming tired demonstrates her incredible inner strength. When asked to name a plant, Her Greenman can recognise her method and provide the right answer.

4: Ryuji Suguro

Ryuji Suguro

Ryuji Suguro, sometimes known as Suguro Ryuji, or "Bon," is an obstinate and angry person. He may have a violent demeanor, but he works really hard and is the best student in the class. He receives a familiar named Karura from his father Tatsuma Suguro during the battle with the Impure King, and he uses its power to create a Gouhaen, or barrier made of fire elements, to stop any miasma emanating from the Impure King from spreading.

5: Renzo Shima

Renzo Shima

A very easygoing but terrified figure is Renzo Shima (Shima Renzo). Raised at the Cursed Temple in Kyoto, he shares a strong sense of loyalty with Bon and Konekomaru. Finding it difficult to ignore Rin, Renzo is the second member of the cast to accept him after learning his identity.

Renzo intends to become the Meister in Aria and fights like his two brothers, using a K'rik (Khakkhara) stick. Later on in the manga, it becomes clear that Renzo has been hiding his full powers from the reader for the entire time since he can call upon powerful demons to carry out his commands. But he gets pretty tired of using that summons. Renzo leaves the academy and rejoins the Illuminati after revealing he is a spy for the group; but, subsequently, his brother tells Rin and the others that he is actually a double agent who was enlisted by Mephisto and eventually comes back to support his comrades.

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