Japanese manga Bleach main characters

Tite Kubo is a manga illustrator and writer from Japan who created the manga series Bleach. After Ichigo Kurosaki gains the abilities of a Soul Reaper, a personification of death similar to the Grim Reaper from Rukia Kuchiki, another Soul Reaper, the narrative chronicles his exploits. Ichigo Kurosaki's new powers force him to perform the duties of defensive humans, protecting them from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to a new lifetime.

Bleach main characters

1 - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

The series' primary protagonist is Ichigo Kurosaki. He is a high school student, and Ichigo becomes a "substitute soul reaper" once he accidentally uses most of Rukia Kuchiki's powers. His misanthropic nature initially makes him ill-disposed towards the duty, but, with the passage of time, he accepts and welcomes the strength his Soul Reaper powers provide him.

2 - Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki, who could be a soul reaper, is assigned hollow extermination duties in Karakura city. She meets Ichigo for the first time once she breaks into his house, not knowing that he will see her. Their relationship becomes more complicated once Rukia saves Ichigo and transfers her powers to him. Rukia lacks it and can't come back to the Soul Society. She assumes a short-lived mode as a daily human, employing a gigai (human form) obtained from Kisuke Urahara's search, enrolls in Ichigo's high school, and moves into his closet to teach him how to be a stand-in Soul Reaper in her stead.

3 - Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue could be a long-time friend of Ichigo Kurosaki and one of his closest friends. She has had a crush on Ichigo since the start, but thanks to Ichigo's unselfish desire to safeguard his loved ones, Orihime genuinely falls in love with him. She had been an orphan since she was three years old, when her elder brother Sora took her from their abusive parents' house and raised her alone. Later on, once Orihime was in the lyceum, he died in an accident. Although at first empty of non-secular powers, she develops non-secular awareness early within the plot and later obtains the god-like ability to warp reality through rejecting past phenomena.

4 - Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai could be a Soul Reaper of Squad Six within the Gotei thirteen. Once he was first introduced, he played an antagonistic role as he was sent to the human world to search out and produce Rukia for the Soul Society. He at first dedicates his life to defeating Ichigo before Connexon forces with him to rescue Rukia halfway through the Soul Society arc. He has since become a significant protagonist and an ally, and a rival of Kurosaki.

5 - Uryū Ishida

Uryū Ishida

Leader Uryū Ishida is descended from a line of archers that hunt hollows and resemble priests who were once adversaries of the Soul Reapers and are almost extinct. He bears a deep grudge against all Soul Reapers, together with Ichigo, and is an early antagonist within the series. He involves Ichigo otherwise over time and eventually becomes a valuable ally and a friendly rival. As a leader, Uryū possesses the supernatural power to assemble invisible "spirit particles," referred to as reishi, from the atmosphere. Once gathered, these particles will be formed into spirit-energy constructs, foremost among them a bow and arrow, to fuel varied witching spells and herculean talents.

6 - Yasutora Sado "Chad"

Yasutora Sado

Yasutora Sado, better referred to as Chad, is one of Ichigo's friends in school. He's of mixed Japanese and Mexican heritage, and a student towers over his classmates at six feet, five inches. Despite his imposing look and fearless perspective, he's quite meek and refuses to fight, but he fights unless it's for the sake of others. After trying to protect Ichigo's sister Karin and her friends from a hollow, he finds a new power that enables him to battle hollows by fortifying and armouring his right arm. He's quite loyal to his friends, particularly Ichigo, who is one of his closest friends. He displays very little feeling except once one thing or somebody he cares about is at risk.

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