Do your dogs drink from the toilet?

Does the dog ever act in a way that bothers you? One common dog habit that makes people uncomfortable is drinking from the toilet. However, although it might seem odd to humans, dogs typically view it as a totally normal habit.

What causes dogs to drink from the toilet?

Dog sit in the toilet

Many dogs are willing to grab a drink in the toilet if they are allowed to. Although we are unable to question them about why they're lapping at that specific bowl, there are a few typical explanations for your dog's behavior.

If your dogs drink from the toilet, this is a sufficient incentive for certain curious canines, particularly if the water has an intriguing or alluring scent. If the water in their regular bowl gets too warm or is empty, dogs may also begin drinking the water from the toilet. When it comes to the water's temperature and freshness, some dogs were pickier than others. Naturally, your dog would seek out another source of fresh water if they were denied access to it.

However, the toilet supply is still frequently enticing, even if someone has access to clean water in their bowl. Because the water in the toilet is cold and is constantly refreshed after each flush, certain dogs may be attracted to it. Furthermore, if a bathroom has recently been flushed, the water is frequently moving, and dogs tend to find moving water especially interesting.

The Reasons Dogs May Find It Risky to Drink from the Toilet


Certain toilet cleaners include hazardous ingredients, and they are not meant for ingestion. Your dog may be drinking toilet water that contains leftover residue from those cleaners. To find out if the cleaning supplies you frequently use in the house include any chemicals that can be dangerous for your dog, get in touch with the maker of those particular goods. If your dogs drink from the toilet, contact your dog's veterinarian and an urgent care facility to see if they require immediate medical assistance.

How to Stop Dogs Drinking from the Toilet

Dog drinking water

It can seem like an ongoing struggle to keep your dog out of the bathroom if they have developed a taste for toilet water, but it doesn't have to be. Prevention is essential in training, as it is in many other areas. You won't have to retrain this if you can ensure that the puppy and young dog never get the chance to consume water from the toilet. Read This: How do I train my dog to poop on the potty pads?

Hold down the seat.


Making sure that everybody in your household puts down the toilet seat after using the restroom is the easiest way to prevent the dogs from drinking toilet water. Though relatively few are successful, certain determined and intelligent dogs are capable of figuring out a way to raise the toilet seat. Baby or dog gates and keeping a bathroom door locked are excellent ways to restrict your dog from using the toilet if, for any reason, putting a toilet seat down isn't practical for your household.

Improve the Attraction of Their Water Bowl

Dog Drinking Water

After you've stopped your dog from using the restroom, you should take care of any underlying issues that may have drawn them to the water in the first place.

Ensure that they have access to plenty of chilled, pure water at all times. It can be helpful to have several water bowls positioned throughout your house so that your dog will find the water bowl more appealing. You can also experiment with providing him with water in bowls of varying heights and composed of various materials (ceramic, metal, plastic, etc.). To keep the bowls full and fresh, refill the water in them several times a day. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly clean and scrub the bowls on a regular basis. A pet fountain with water can also be used in place of one of your dog's normal water bowls if they enjoy seeing water move. Dogs who prefer to drink from moving water find these fountains appealing since they plug in and continuously recirculate water. Read This: 
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