Can You Share Oatmeal With Your Dogs?

Oatmeal has a number of positive aspects. Made of hulled oat grains, this well-liked breakfast item comes in a variety of forms, including milled, rolled, or steel-cut. With plenty of protein and a significant amount of dietary fiber, it provides a healthy boost to any diet. Along with iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B-6, oatmeal is also a great source of vitamin A. The fact that it tastes good is just a bonus for you and your pet dog.

What are the oatmeal advantages for dogs?

Raw Oatmeal

With a few exceptions, oatmeal is beneficial for dogs for all the same reasons that it is for humans.

Oatmeal's relative blandness is one of the reasons it's a healthy choice for dogs. All of the nutrients and vitamins listed above are provided by oatmeal, prepared simply with water without the addition of milk, sugar, or other decadent toppings. This makes oatmeal a nutritious meal or snack topper for your dog without requiring you to worry about any additions.

Additionally, if you add additional warm (not boiling) water to the oatmeal after it has cooked, it can be an excellent method to sneak in more water for your dog's diet.

How to Give Oatmeal to Your Dog

Dog eating oatmeal

Making sure your dog eats oatmeal as a nutritious snack only depends on the type of oatmeal you choose and how it's prepared. To stay clear of any problems, abide by the following rules:

1: Cook it - Instead of offering the dog raw oats, cook the meal prior to giving it to them.

2: Grain content should be whole -  Give your dog oatmeal that is only made with whole-grain oats. Processed grains can irritate your dog's stomach and have fewer health advantages.

3: Keep it simple - Before serving pre-packaged oatmeal, make sure to review the ingredient list. Certain prepackaged oatmeal variations have additional flavorings or sugar added.

4: Limit the size of the portions - A cup of cooked plain oatmeal has roughly 150 calories. That may not seem like much, but bear in mind that dogs need far fewer calories than humans do. A 25-pound dog, for instance, should only consume roughly 550 calories per day to be at the same weight. Thus, a tablespoon or two of oatmeal is generally plenty when giving it to your dog.

It should not be used in place of meals. Dogs can greatly benefit from oatmeal, but it still lacks a lot of the nutrients required for a well-rounded diet. To make sure your dog continues to receive what he or she needs, provide it with a snack and a meal topper rather than the meal itself.

Items to Include in Your Dog's Oatmeal


There are still lots of additions you can make to your dog's oatmeal in order to make it appealing, even though ingredients like maple syrup and brown sugar are no longer allowed.

1: Peanut Butter: Since most dogs already enjoy peanut butter, adding a spoonful or so of the all-natural, sugar-free kind to their oatmeal is a terrific idea.

2: Fruit: Dice some fruit that is suitable for dogs into little pieces and mix it in. Apples, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries are a few healthy choices.

3: Pureed Pumpkin: Add some pureed pumpkin to your oatmeal to increase its fiber content. Just make sure it's not pumpkin pie filling but rather pure pumpkin.

4: Cinnamon: Canines adore cinnamon, which is a terrific way to add flavor without consuming extra calories. It also has anti-inflammatory properties of its own.

5: Plain Yogurt: Adding plain Greek or ordinary yogurt to oatmeal tastes great and adds even more vitamins and calcium. But stay away from flavored yogurts, as they frequently contain a lot of sugar.

6: Sunflower Seeds: Rich in antioxidants, unsalted sunflower seeds are excellent for dogs. Do not allow your dog to consume any of its black shell when you sprinkle some kernels over their oatmeal.

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