Is a hedgehog a suitable companion for you? Q&A

Wild hedgehogs are fascinating creatures. Little mammals have a keen sense of smell, are covered in spines, and can curl their heads or legs fully inside their bodies to form a protective ball in the event of a threat. Hedgehogs have gained popularity as pets over the past few years, but are they truly a suitable fit?

Are hedgehogs suitable as pets?


For individuals who don't need a really cuddly caged pet, don't mind feeding certain bugs, or don't mind if the hedgehog sleeps throughout the day and races around on its wheel all night, hedgehogs can make excellent pets. Many people find that hedgehogs are ideal pets because they are low-maintenance, quiet, and don't require much space.

What consumes hedgehogs?


Unlike most other pets kept in cages, hedgehogs refrain from eating seeds and hay, although they do eat fruit, insects, and specialty foods. Hedgehogs are currently classified as omnivores since they eat a wide variety of foods, including more than simply insects, as opposed to their former classification as insectivores. This implies that you will need to provide some bugs, fresh food, and specially made chow if you wish to keep a hedgehog as your pet. Their ability to maintain their health depends on the variety of their food.

Are hedgehogs happy to live alone?


Hedgehogs actually like to fly alone, but other pets, such as guinea pigs, fare better in groups. This implies that you don't need to have a few pet hedgehogs to guarantee their pleasure if you opt to keep one. Although a hedgehog only requires a 2 by 4 foot habitat, these spiky creatures also enjoy larger homes because they like to exercise and roam for extended periods of time in the wild.

Are hedgehogs very active?


Despite their somewhat unathletic appearance, hedgehogs are incredibly active creatures. Hedgehogs are not sedentary animals; in the wild, they cover roughly two miles each day. Pet hedgehogs require a great deal of exercise for both their physical and mental well-being. Lots of playtime outside the cage and an exercise wheel within the cage are generally essential for hedgehogs because they will get obese if they don't receive enough activity each day.

Do hedgehogs stay awake throughout the day?


Given that they are nocturnal creatures, hedgehogs are more engaged at night compared to what they are during the daytime. Your hedgehog will sleep for the majority of the day, so the best time to spend time with them is in the evening, when they'll be awake for food and exercise. If you are able to work during the course of the day while enjoying free time in the evening, this plan might work for you. However, it might not be perfect for someone who goes to bed early. Read This: Did You Know the Facts About Hedgehogs?

Do hedgehogs bite people?


Hedgehogs do not usually bite, despite having up to 44 teeth. Before biting someone, a hedgehog will coil into a spiny ball if it is afraid or worried. A hedgehog is rarely attacked and tries to bite something; if they do, it's typically because they're really irritated, hurt, or frightened.

Are the spines of hedgehogs dangerous?

Pet Hedgehog

It should come as no surprise that hedgehogs are covered in spines, but because their spines aren't all over their body and aren't always positioned to prickle, hedgehogs can occasionally be handled safely. Although hedgehogs have incredibly sharp spines, they lie flat against their bodies when they are at ease. This implies that they won't stab you if you don't pet their backs backward.

Hedgehogs' bellies are also free of spines, which makes cuddling a contented one considerably less irritating. However, hedgehogs are somewhat prickly all around because, when they ball up, their spines stiffen and their body posture covers their soft belly. Nevertheless, hedgehogs are unable to shoot their spines in the same way that a porcupine does with its quills, and their spines are devoid of any poison or venom. The spines have no barbs at the end; instead, they are hollow and full of air.

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