Beginners' guide to basic hedgehog handling tips

A lot of new hedgehog parents are afraid to handle their spiky animals. Although they are not extremely thorny, hedgehogs can be handled; nonetheless, it will take some care to ensure your hedgehog feels secure and at ease in your hands. Here's how to begin caring for your hedgehog.

For beginners, what is the proper way to care for a hedgehog?

Hedgehog on hand

1: As your hedgehog is more likely to remain awake in the evening, begin handling them then. Due to their tendency for grumpiness, tired hedgehogs make tasks like this nearly impossible. To ensure that your hedgehog knows who you are every time you handle them, let them sniff your hands. Put your hands on both sides of the hedgehog, palms up. To increase the likelihood that your hedgehog will have the ability to get onto your hands, you can, if required, gently corner them in their cage.

2: Slide your hands gently under your hedgehog as it stands. If you are concerned about getting poked, you can even pick up some bedding to further shield your hands. Cradled in your palms, cup both hands and raise your hedgehog up. If your hedgehog decides to roll into a ball, keep your hands together and out of their belly (it's not fun to have your finger stuck in the midst of a balled-up hedgehog).

3: Your hedgehog might roll into a ball or huff. Unless the hedgehog is extremely agitated and you aren't getting anywhere, try to persevere. If she has curled up into a ball, it's acceptable to pick him or her up. Hedgehogs can be held in your lap or cradled in one hand or forearm, with the other hand placed lightly over the animal's back for security. If they feel safe, most will unroll really quickly and start investigating. 

4: Don't hesitate to use bribery when needed. If your hedgehog curls up into a ball, when they unroll, give them a treat, like a delicious mealworm. It's likely that your hedgehog will rapidly come to the conclusion that getting picked up is a good thing because it gets them something. This treat should only be given to your hedgehog during handling sessions. After emerging from their ball, let your hedgehog explore their hands or lap at the same speed. Wait until your hedgehog is at ease before attempting to pet them.

5: A hedgehog that is at ease will flex their backs. You can try caressing in the direction that the spines lay after they are flat and not sticking up in different directions like they do when the hedgehog is rolled around a ball. At first, don't try to pet the hedgehog's face because they usually don't enjoy it. To teach the hedgehog that being touched is a positive thing, periodically give it special goodies when handling it. Hopefully, the hedgehog will realize that handling it and giving it treats are enjoyable rather than frightening.

Consider your options before handling a hedgehog.


1: You will be identified by the scent of hedgehogs. Gloves will just make your hedgehog more confused. Heavy scents or hand lotions can also make your hedgehog confused. You could get them used to your smell by leaving a t-shirt in their cage.

2: If required, gloves can be replaced with a thick towel when trying to lift a recalcitrant hedgehog. It's far easier to slide the t-shirt off than it is to remove a glove and then hold the hedgehog in with just your hands.

3: Keep your hedgehog away from people above you.

4: Recall that although the spines resemble porcupine quills, they are not sharp and will not cause excruciating pain if you are poked.

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