Easy Tips to Encourage the Cat to Drink More Water

A normal 10-pound cat should consume 7 to 9 ounces of water each day, but it can be challenging to keep your pet well hydrated. It's not as though they're using elegant, graduated-measure water bottles to track how much water they're consuming, after all. However, you may urge the cat to drink additional water using a few simple methods. If your cat continues to exhibit symptoms of dehydration after trying these remedies at home, consult your veterinarian.

1 - Dry Food

Cat Drink Water

You could consider adding water to your cat's kibble if the cat is used to eating dry food or is unwilling to adapt to wet food. The water will seep into the kibble, making it softer. Your cat might learn to consume the moistened kibble if you add water to it very slowly. However, do not deprive your cat of food if they refuse to consume the modified diet; instead, give them their dry food.

2 - Maintain the water bowl close to the food.

Cat Drink Water

Cats may be more inclined to drink water when it's placed adjacent to their food. Many cats, especially those who only consume dry food, may alternate between eating and drinking. Putting the kibble into a scheduled feeder and keeping a dish of water close to it is another effective method for certain cats. Given that the water is available, the cat may be more inclined to drink it as they wait for food.

3 - Fountains of water

Cats Drink Water

One useful trick to get certain felines interested in water is to use filtered water fountains. Certain cats enjoy watching water flow, and the filter keeps the water clean. If you don't clean the filter often, bacteria can accumulate and damage your cat, in addition to discouraging them from drinking. If water fountains don't work, another tactic to try is to leave a tap running at a light drip during periods of time while your cat is active. Unfortunately, this is not an environmentally responsible option, but some cats really prefer water that runs even more than fountains.

4 - Try different recipes.

Cat Drink Water

You can experiment with various material-filled bowls to see which one the cat prefers. Glass, stainless steel, ceramics, etc. are among the options. You can also play around with the dimensions and shapes of the bowls.

5 - Expand Access to Water

Cat Drink Water

Organize several water dishes in different parts of your home. Your cat will always have easy access to water this way.

6 - Clean water dishes often.


Water's taste and smell can irritate cats greatly. They may also have highly specific tastes in water temperature. Frequently changing the water keeps it at their preferred temperature and fresh. Clean every dish every day to prevent the growth of bacteria.

7 - Completely fill the bowl.


Some cats may be more willing to drink water if the bowl is filled to the brim. Because their whiskers are so sensitive to touch, certain cats do not enjoy it when their whiskers come into contact with the bowl's edge.

8 - Including Water or Broth

Cat Drink Water

For cats who require more fluid in their diet, adding broth can be a useful method to increase the amount of nutrients they get. However, before beginning, consult your veterinarian because certain broths contain nutrients such as salt that cats may not be able to take, or they may contain toxic amounts of garlic or onions. Using flavored or bottled water is an additional alternative for increasing moisture content. Cats can also be given products to stay hydrated, but make sure your veterinarian knows if these are suitable for your cat before giving them.

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