Why Do Sexual Urges Still Occur in a Neutered Cat?

Many cat owners are curious as to whether their spayed or neutered cat will still feel the need to mate or engage in sexual activity. The short answer is most likely none at all. There are a few exclusions to this, though. In sterilized cats, sexual activity may indicate a medical problem. Furthermore, some cats exhibit behaviors that people mistakenly believe to be sexual in nature, but in reality, they are behavioral issues or even typical cat behaviors.

Are female cats who have been spayed still compelled to mate?


Cats that are female have a heat cycle, also referred to as the estrus cycle. The cat goes through several stages in order to become fertile and ready for mating with a male. This is all for reproduction, and if the mating process is successful, the cat will conceive. Regretfully, there are a number of reasons why it is problematic for cats to continue having sexual relations in the home. They consist of:

1 - Sexual behavior: Female cats who are not pregnant will have a strong hormonal desire to mate. They will act in a variety of ways to try to attract the attention of a male, such as loudly yowling, exposing their behind, showing excessive affection, and attempting to flee the house. Because they cannot access the outside, indoor cats find this very challenging, leading to significant frustration.

2 - Health: Being sexually active increases the risk of developing certain diseases, such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, and illnesses associated with hormones. In certain situations, spaying the cat significantly lowers the risk to health, and in other situations, it eliminates it entirely.

3 - Unwanted pregnancies: A large number of cats in shelters are unable to find contented homes. Many of them wind up there as a result of domestic cats being pregnant or their guardians being unable to care for them or find them a suitable home. Spaying creates more opportunity for us to take care of our current cat population while also reducing the heavy strain placed on these systems.

The removal of a cat's uterus and ovaries is referred to as spaying, or ovariohysterectomy. Rarely, one ovary may be left in place, although this is not advised as it can result in serious health problems. The cat will no longer possess any sexual organs after this is completed. Spayed female cats are unlikely to experience the need to mate since these organs do not release the hormones that trigger sexual drives in cats.

Are male cats who have been neutered still compelled to mate?


Because they lack an estrous cycle, male cats are unable to become fertile. They will, nevertheless, experience the same impulse to copulate as females when they reach sexual maturity. They act in this way in reaction to the pheromones that females release during sexual activity. When male cats continue to engage in sexual activity as adults, they have additional difficulties.

1 - Sexual behaviors: A sexually intact male's behavior will drastically change if he senses that a female is in heat. They will have a tremendous desire to copulate, which will drive them to pursue females, engage in combat with males, and even travel great distances.
All of them are likely to feel extremely frustrated, which is hazardous for them as well as their human guardians. Some of them may even become hostile. It also makes it more likely that they will get lost.

2 - Health: Neutering can lower the chance of a number of health problems, just like it does for female cats. This includes a higher incidence of cat AIDS and other conditions, as well as tumors and hormonal disorders.

3 - Unwanted pregnancies: Fertilization needs both a male and a female cat, even though the female's guardians are responsible for providing for her. can be especially troublesome in homes with multiple cats that include both male and female felines.

The most popular method for neutering male cats is castration. It is also referred to as gelding and necessitates testicle removal.

Cats should lose their desire to mate if their sexual organs are removed, just like with female cats. Thus, male cats that have had their teeth cleaned will not feel the need to mate.

Similar to female cats, male cats may engage in certain sexual activities following neutering. In the parts that follow, we go over these explanations.

Does a sterilized cat conceive?


A spayed feline cannot go into heat, as we have seen. This implies that it won't be fertile and that she won't draw in any men. Because neutered cats lack testicles, even if they were to engage in sexual activity, the male wouldn't be able to fertilize. The sexual cycle cannot take place in the absence of ovaries and a uterus.

Can a cat that has been spayed get pregnant?


Female cats' reproductive organs are removed during ovariohysterectomies, as previously mentioned. She won't be able to go into her estrus cycle as a result, and she won't need to display the associated behaviors. This will only be likely to occur for the above-mentioned reasons. A spayed cat won't have the ability to go into heat, to be clear. This means that cats who have been spayed properly cannot become pregnant.

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