The best ways to dispose of dog poop at home

How should you dispose of dog poop at home? Although cleaning up after the dog is an essential part of being a decent pet owner, picking up your dog's excrement is not fun. You're not the only one who has ever questioned what the best techniques are to dispose of dog poop. See which of the most popular methods for getting rid of your dog's waste is best for the environment and for you.

What is the best disposal method for dog poop?

1 - Burying it.

Dog Poop Dispose

Although it may seem like an appropriate choice to bury your dog's waste, you could be surprised to learn that this is really among the worst methods for getting rid of dog feces. Dog excrement can contaminate surrounding water supplies and the soil where it is buried. Hazardous pathogens such as Giardia, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Ancylostoma, Cryptosporidium, or Toxocara canis have been found in dog excrement. These have the ability to seep into soil and contaminate crops that produce food for humans, as well as ponds, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water.

It's not a good idea to bury dog poop in a private garden either, as some bacteria and parasites can linger in the ground for a long time and infect your dogs or even the human family.

2 - Putting it in the garbage


The easiest method for getting rid of your dog's excrement is to gather it up in a bag and discard it in the garbage. Although disposing of waste at a landfill may seem like a bad idea for the environment, it's ultimately a pretty great solution when you weigh convenience against the need to avoid contaminating the land and water. Because of this, it's an excellent concept to always have poop bags when you go for walks with your dog.

Never leave your knotted, full bags on the sidewalk—you can't expect someone else to do it for you.

Always remove your dog's waste at home by taking it with you in a bag or by placing it in a trash can. If you cringe at the idea of numerous plastic poop bags going to landfills, there is a simple way to dispose of your dog's waste in a more environmentally responsible manner. Pet supply businesses and internet merchants provide flushable and biodegradable/compostable bags as substitutes for plastic bags. The unique substance used to make flushable feces bags softens significantly when submerged in water.

When flushed, they should dissolve easily; however, certain brands dissolve more readily than others, and if they don't break down fast enough, plumbing systems may experience problems. The purpose of biodegradable poop bags is composting. Biodegradable poop bags don't decompose in landfills, unlike what many people think. This is due to the fact that oxygen is necessary for biodegradable bags to break down. Like a plastic bag, a biodegradable bag won't break down in a landfill.

However, because compostable and biodegradable poop bags are composed of plant materials rather than petroleum-based plastic, they are still a more environmentally friendly choice than plastic bags that are designed to break down in the trash.

3 - Flushing it


It is possible that you can flush your dog's waste, but make sure to verify the rules in your neighborhood first. But if you think about how you're going to pick the crap up off the floor and carry it to your toilet, this method could get a little messy. Although they are advertised as flushable, water-soluble dog poop bags can assist with this chore. Use caution when using them. Similar to human wipes, doggie bags that are flushable may cause blockages and other plumbing issues if they don't dissolve completely.

4 - Composting it


Composting is an environmentally friendly method of getting rid of canine waste since it contains the excrement and aids in its breakdown, destroying hazardous bacteria. With one exception—it should never be used for food gardens that yield fruits and vegetables—composted dog feces can be used in your garden's soil like ertilizer. It's crucial to maintain your compost properly and to use the right tools and supplies when doing so.

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