How to keep a puppy cool inside the house in the summer

Summertime heat can be oppressive for both people and dogs. Furthermore, our dogs' bodies experience stress in addition to our own when we lose power. In extremely hot weather, there are a few things you can do to keep both you and your dog safe and comfortable.

How do you keep a puppy cool in hot weather?

1 - Provide Cover


Make sure your puppy has access to shade if you spend an excessive amount of time outside with them. A balcony umbrella and sunshade canopy will function just as effectively in the absence of a shade tree. Puppies can also take refuge in a doghouse or crate that has enough ventilation. When the temperature is too high, your dog may still have heat exhaustion, even if they are lying in a shaded spot. In these situations, it is preferable to bring them into a room with cool air circulation.

2 - A plentiful supply of clean drinking water


Your dog should always have access to plenty of clean, cool water, whether you're lounging in your backyard or at the beach.

You can put a fourth of water in an ice cream container or dog bowl before you go for a walk, then freeze it. You can add water to the remaining space in the bowl once it has frozen. As a result, the water will stay nice and chilly on top while the ice melts gradually below. The most crucial thing to remember is to bring enough water for the entire journey.

Making sure you always have some frozen dog treats and a little water with you is a fantastic suggestion. Your dog can get these at intervals of fifteen to twenty minutes while they're exercising!

3 - Purchase a paddle pool.


Nothing cools off a hot summer's day like taking a swim in the pool—and some dogs agree! Invest in a sturdy paddling pool constructed of a material that will withstand punctures from your dog's claws. Some are even created especially for our dogs. Place it in a shady garden area or fill it with cold water.

Avoid using frosty or frozen water, as this might cause shock if the temperature drops too quickly from extremely hot to extremely cold.

Additionally, be cautious while adding water to the pool; if your dog has short legs, they may find it difficult to get out. Encourage your dog to stand under the water if they aren't big fans of the water, as a terrific way to keep them cool. They are able to absorb and expel heat through their paws, so even if they just stand there for a short while, it can significantly lower their body temperature.

4 - Choose the correct bed.


It can be very tempting to get your dog a nice, fluffy, high-sided bed. Yet, a bed like that will probably be too hot in the summer. It's advisable to provide your puppy with the option of a cooler place to sleep. Greater airflow is made possible by raised beds, which are raised off the ground.

5 - Serve frozen sweets.

Dog eating ice cream

Your dog might appreciate an ice lolly in the summer, just as much as we do. To keep their cat's water cool, some pet owners add ice cubes to the bowl, but you should watch out because they can pose hazards. Even dog-specific ice creams are available and might be a great snack. Ice creams and lollipops are heavy in sugar and can have sweeteners that are poisonous to dogs, so never give them to your pet.

6 - Make Misty


Misting fans designed specifically for animals spit water throughout the air and keep your puppy's fur moist to help them regulate their body temperature. The water cools your dog as it evaporates. Misters can be set up near a puppy playpen, on the deck, or on the porch. Verify that the area you are misting has a surface made of concrete, wood, or grass. If you water the bare earth, it can get muddy.

7 - Exercise at Dawn or Dusk


For puppies accustomed to daily walks, exercise should occur between dawn and dusk. Walking during the middle of the working day is not advised during extreme heat waves. Not only is there a chance of heat exhaustion, but you also need to be cautious since hot tarmac might burn your dog's sensitive paw pads. It's advisable to venture out during the cooler hours of dawn and evening. Short, leisurely walks are ideal; avoid frantic activities like fetch.

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