Why do cats sleep too much? 6 Q&A for cat sleeping behavior

It goes without saying that cats enjoy sleeping, but this behavior frequently confounds owners. What is the average cat nap time, and how can you tell if the cat is sleeping a lot? This article will describe how cats sleep and why they enjoy it so much.

1 - How long do cats generally sleep at a time?

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Cats typically sleep between thirteen and sixteen hours per day, which is approximately twice as much as what their human owners need. Your cat will undoubtedly spend a lot more time sleeping than you do, although this varies based on age and disposition.

2 - Why are cats so restless?

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Cats have perfected the ability to take long naps during the day. Wild cats need to fall asleep in order to conserve energy for pursuing, killing, and hunting their next food. Even though our indoor cats may not have a desire to hunt, they still have the instinct to nap and get ready for a hunt.

3 - What is the purpose of a cat nap?

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The sleeping patterns of cats differ somewhat from our own. In contrast to popular opinion, cats are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. Their hunting instinct, which created them to be awake whenever their prey becomes most active, is responsible for this sleeping pattern. Read This: 10 sleeping position of cats and what does it mean

Cats can see more clearly at night because their eyes are more comfortable with night vision. Your cat will likely begin the day by taking a nap if they were even slightly active throughout the night, which will result in depleted energy levels. Even though many cats still keep themselves busy at night, many cats' sleeping habits have changed to reflect those of their owners. But what is more common is that they choose to demand their food at the crack of dawn!

4 - How does a cat fall asleep?

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Your cat may doze off for a short while or fall into a deeper sleep while they are sleeping. Deeper sleep only lasts for approximately 5 minutes at a time, whereas light sleep often lasts anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. Cats are able to instantly wake up from light slumber by keeping their ears raised and moving their tails in response to stimuli in their environment. They may even have one eye partially open. Your cat's posture, especially its ears, will be significantly more relaxed while it is deeply asleep. They could show signs of twitching or paddle their paws in the air. Read This: What causes cat snoring and how to stop it

5 - How much sleep do kittens get?

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Compared to adult cats, kittens prefer to sleep more, and 90% of their time as kittens is spent sleeping. This is due to the fact that because their minds and their nervous systems are still developing, they require constant recharge. Additionally, the time kittens spend napping helps to maintain their immune systems and builds their muscles and bones.

6 - How much time do older cats spend sleeping?

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Senior cats also sleep a lot, typically up to twenty hours per day, and do so just as much as kittens. This extra sleep is necessary because, like people, cats grow tired more easily as they age. However, it's recommended to consult your vet if this change started out of the blue.

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