Why is my cat obsessed with my shoes?

Cat owners might have observed that their cats clearly have a fascination with shoes, as evidenced by their propensity to smell, bat at, or even sleep on, in, or close to them. Why do cats enjoy sleeping so much on shoes? Why do a few cats even relocate their homeowners' shoes from the front door to another location where they are hidden?

Do cats have a particular love for shoes?

Cat with shoes

Does this mean that cats love shoes just as much as humans believe they do, or is this merely a misinterpretation of a signal? It turns out that cats are actually drawn to shoes. Cats may be drawn to shoes, but that isn't always the case. Cats are drawn to the meaning the shoes represent instead. This behavior is common among cat owners, though it occasionally occurs with items other than shoes.

Your cat loves your shoes for these eight reasons:

1 - Unusual Smells

Kitten in slipper

Of their five senses, a cat's ability to sense smell is possibly the most crucial. They have twice the number of olfactory receptors within their nasal tissue than humans do, and their sense of smell is fourteen times stronger. Additionally, they possess a Jacobson's organ, a specialized organ that humans are entirely deficient in and that is placed in the top of the mouth. With the help of this organ, cats can practically taste the pheromones and aromas in the air, which provides them with a wealth of knowledge regarding the other animals and people nearby. Cats are naturally curious creatures who study unfamiliar smells as well as those that are familiar to them because they make them feel secure and at peace.

2 - Near to You Equals Comfort

Kitten in shoes

Do not assume that your cat is smitten with its shoes as a sign of affection. Because they have developed with us, house cats find comfort in people. Even if you aren't physically present, your aroma can serve as a suitable replacement. In order to feel closer to you, your cat may very well be resting on your shoes. This will maintain your cat's composure, especially during stressful situations. As a result, it's not unusual to find cats acting similarly to other items you frequently use, such as clothing, sheets, or your preferred piece of furniture.

3 - Territorial Claims

Kitten in shoes

In glands located all over their bodies, including their cheeks, cats produce and exude their own distinctively scented pheromones. Your cat is saying, "I've been here before; this fits in my space, and it makes me feel safe," when they rub their face down against you or something else (also known as bunting). Cats are drawn to objects that smell similar to them and to the people they care about. Your cat's simple method of expressing their love for you, comfort in your presence, and ease is to sleep on your shoes!

4 - Attention

Kitten with shoes

Your cat will quickly learn that rubbing against your shoes is a certain way to catch your attention if you consistently stoop down to pet her. Cats are intelligent creatures, and it doesn't take them long to figure out that rubbing up against your shoes would probably result in you petting them.

Your cat may respond positively to even criticism, such as when you chastise it for playing with the shoes and creating scratch marks. Your cat may decide to repeat this behavior if they discover that it attracts your attention.

5 - Smell


Your cat might enjoy the scent of the shoes in addition to the fragrance of your stinky gym or long-wear sneakers. In the house or outside, naked feet pick up a variety of fragrances, which are then transferred to your shoes when you put them on. Your cat may be drawn to your shoes because you picked up another cat's scent markings or any other alluring fragrance.

6 - Boredom


Your cat may start playing on your shoes if it isn't given sufficient enrichment or mental stimulation. They'll wrestle and play with their shoes in an effort to amuse themselves. They can consider them playthings and toys instead.

7 - Shoelaces

Kitten playing with shoelaces

You may be able to draw a comparison between yarn and string and your shoelaces if you've ever watched one of the vintage cat films with cats and kittens playing with them. Even the most resistant cat will become interested in the shoelaces because they move around so easily when your cat moves. Additionally, it piques their interest. If you're wearing laces, your cat might even start playing with them. Cats simply find small, moving items interesting or fascinating, for whatever reason.

8 - Taking Back Your Shoes

Cat with shoes

Of course, although you can comprehend your cat's fascination with your shoes and are able to observe how it's a way for them to express their gratitude for you, it still annoys you when your cat steals one of the shoes as you rush out the door. It might get quite fast to always be looking for the shoes since your cat keeps relocating them. However, it can be difficult to get your cat to stop stealing your shoes.

How do I stop my cat from hiding my shoes?

Cat obsessed with shoes

It can be far simpler to keep your cat from getting access to the shoes than to attempt to stop the behavior altogether. One fast fix is to keep your shoes hidden in a closet or in a sealed plastic container. Keep in mind that cats are excellent climbers, so simply placing the shoes on a shelf that's high may not be sufficient to make them inaccessible.

Divert your attention.

If you can't physically prevent your cat from getting to your shoes, you might be able to steer them towards something else that still has your scent but that you won't necessarily miss as much. An old t-shirt or pair of socks would make a suitable replacement. Try to refrain from yelling at them or behaving in a manner that can come across as violent if you happen to catch your cat trying to take your shoe. These behaviors will simply serve to frighten your cat, who might not link your angry yells to the theft of your shoes. It's possible that your cat won't fully understand why you were unhappy, even if they drop the shoe in alarm.

Although to us, shoes don't appear like a nice place to relax, cats think so since they associate shoes with their favorite people. The next time your cat is dozing off on your shoes, take a photo for history's sake, give it a blanket in its place, and bask in the knowledge that your feline just professed their love for you.

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