What are the science based benefits of having a dog?

Dogs give you unwavering love, devoted friendship,and constant amusement. The majority of dog lovers are aware that having a dog improves your life. But is that knowledge accurate, and is there another component at work? Science is one of them.

Being around dogs has a positive impact on your health. Having a dog is excellent for you both mentally and physically, according to recent studies. Dogs improve our well-being and happiness. They can even assist you in finding a date. They may help us deal with a catastrophe and many more things. Let's discuss the benefits of owning a dog based on science.

1 - We feel less alone when we have dogs.


Dogs can assist when other people are unable to. They fight social isolation by offering unrestricted affection, psychological assistance, and nonstop cuddling. A study found that owning a dog can cut down on loneliness. According to a nationwide poll conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute among pet owners and non-pet owners, 85% of respondents thought that spending time with pets lessened loneliness. The majority of people agree that social isolation can be reduced by conversations between humans and their pets.

2 - Owners' heart health has improved.


Yes, having a dog lowers your risk of developing heart disease. A Harvard study found that dog owners had lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than non-dog owners. This is rather significant because heart disease is the leading cause of mortality among men and women throughout the US.

Additionally, studies have indicated that dog owners have lower blood pressure, which may be partially attributed to the hormone oxytocin, popularly known as the "natural love drug. The hormone oxytocin circulates in greater amounts in both of you when you spend time with your dog, whether it be by caressing them or simply staring into their eyes. This promotes bonding and acts as a natural stress reliever.

3 - Dogs increase your attractiveness.


If you're in the market for a date, it may be time to purchase a puppy. People seem more likable and appealing when there is a dog around.

According to a number of studies, when a lady had a dog with her, guys were more inclined to get her phone number. In a different study, participants were asked to evaluate the people in the images. They discovered that when people looked at a dog, they looked more joyful and at ease.

According to a Pet Wingman survey, men and women tend to swipe right more frequently on dating apps when looking at profile pictures of dogs. Dogs in profiles helped women more than men, on average.

4 - Dogs can reduce your stress.


Your anxiety can be eased and reduced by the dog's company. According to numerous studies, both dogs and therapy dogs can reduce tension and anxiety.

Blood pressure and pulse rate are lowered, breathing is slowed, and tense muscles are relaxed, even just from caressing a familiar dog. Researchers from Washington State University claim that ten minutes of dog-stroking can have a significant impact. A crucial stress hormone called cortisol considerably decreased among research participants.

5 - Dogs can assist in lowering triglyceride levels.


According to research conducted by medical specialists, dog owners typically have lower blood levels of triglycerides than non-pet owners. Normally, a person's diet, BMI, or habit of smoking can have an effect, but in the sample of people they analyzed, none of these factors played a role in the shift. It's not yet apparent why having a dog can affect one's triglyceride levels, though.

6 - Dogs encourage you to exercise.


You can get exercise just by walking your dog every day. Yes, even neighborhood strolls qualify as physical activity. According to research, people who walk their dogs are physically healthier than those who don't. According to one study, older people who walked their pets were 20% more active outdoors than their colleagues, even in inclement weather. Another, smaller study found that senior citizens who walked their pets increased their daily exercise to more than 20 minutes. You can get exercise you probably wouldn't have otherwise by walking your dog frequently.

7 - Possessing a dog makes you happier.


This one might seem a bit obvious, but studies have now been done to support it. Ownership of a dog lowers the risk of depression and provides social assistance for those who have become clinically depressed. Dog owners exercised more, were less stressed, and felt less lonely. They also had higher self-esteem.

8 - Dogs encourage socialization.


We may become more personable and provide folks with conversation starters by taking our dogs for walks. Consider the number of conversations you've had with others, whether they were your neighbors or acquaintances you met at a dog park.

According to research, 40% of dog owners reported having a simpler time making friends. The ideal setting for making new friends and getting to know strangers is through dogs. People who have a deep bond with a pet frequently feel more a part of their communities or their human interactions.

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