Is there a reason why cats hate water?

At least according to the proverb, cats and water don't mix. However, what's it about this common water that drives them insane, as shown in the numerous "cats vs. bathtubs"? Why are cats scared of water? Learn more here.

One of the long-lasting mysteries involving our feline companions involves a fairly fundamental substance: water. Feline companions have strange behaviors that keep people guessing about many different things.

Why do cats naturally hate water? And why do they struggle with their fangs and claws if they get too close to a bathtub full of water yet adore the water trickling from a tap? Although we might never know for sure, scientists have some theories that may help perplexed cat owners better comprehend their pets behavior.

1 - Uncomfortable or fearful


Cats are mysterious and dependable creatures. An unfamiliar cat might not enjoy the sensation of seeing its body saturated in it. If a cat has a bad experience with water once, it may develop a conditioned fear reaction that lasts a lifetime. It can really be frightening to face the novelty of the situation and the unpleasant feelings. When exposed to water on a regular basis as a kitten, a cat may develop a greater tolerance for it.

2 - Vulnerability

Cat Scared of Water

A cat's coat weighs more than usual when it's wet. They could feel more exposed as a result of this restriction on their reflexes and range of motion. Simply put, it can make a cat feel helpless to defend itself.

Furthermore, water makes surfaces slick. When your cat is in the wash basin or tub, it may not seem like it can hold or balance, which may make it feel frightened. To lessen this sensation, try placing a damp towel at the base of the washbasin or bathtub for the cat to grab onto.

3 - Grooming preferences


Cats enjoy feeling tidy. They devote a significant amount of their day—up to 50%—to grooming! The majority of cats don't appear to enjoy having anything other than what they consider to be "normal" odor on their fur. Shampoos made with water or solvents might remove the natural oils from their fur. By showering them when they'd (for their part) prefer to bathe themselves, in their view, you are adding to their workload.

4 - Dry period


If you've ever given a cat a bath, you know how long it takes for their fur to dry. Because they are aware of how long it takes for the fur to dry and how this might leave them miserable and soggy, some cats might be reluctant to get wet. Damp fur is also cold. After being soaked in water, your cat could experience a brief period of feeling cold.

5 - Chemicals

Cat Scared of Water

Cats are fourteen times more susceptible to smell than people are. Your water may contain minerals and chemicals, like fluoride and chlorine, that the cat doesn't enjoy the taste of. Additionally, if the shampoo that you're using has a strong aroma, your cat might not enjoy it.

6 - Cat past

Cat Scared of Water

Cats probably dislike water for biological reasons. Despite the fact that many cats enjoy the taste of fish, historically speaking, cats are not aquatic or river creatures. Domestic cats are descended from cats that often lived in arid and dry environments. Since swimming was not necessary for their evolution, they never learned to do it. This behavior—or lack thereof—has persisted in our cats of today.

7 - Water makes a cat sluggish.

Cat Scared of Water

Imagine being forced to carry a sopping wet blanket till it dries off on your shoulders. Whenever it involves cats and water, the same idea is at play. A cat can feel weighed down and will be unable to move with their customary agility when their entire coat is wet. That's a pretty uncomfortable feeling for a cat who prefers to move through life with a springy, carefree walk.

Are all cats water-phobic? False or true?


Are cats water-phobic? This query has a difficult solution. Even though we've listed a few reasons why cats don't enjoy the water, it's crucial to remember that not all cats have this aversion. Even if the cat you have is a unique breed, whether or not it dislikes water depends on the particular cat. Below, we'll talk about three breeds that prefer to enjoy it. When playing in the water on their own, many cats appear to enjoy it.

What felines don't fear the water?

Most people can still understand why cats dislike water, despite all these arguments. However, there are always exceptions to every rule, and some cats really do enjoy the water.

1 - Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat

These kittens will not hesitate to play around whenever they have the opportunity, thanks to the water-resistant coat of a Maine Coon. If you let the tap run a little too long, a Maine coon will soon be on the scene. These cats have a long history of serving as dependable pest controllers on sailing ships, which explains why they feel so at home near bodies of water.

2 - Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat

The breed of Turkish Van cats is among the most beautiful specimens. Since their waterproof coat doesn't keep water out, they find swimming to be a really enjoyable activity. These kittens are so drawn to the water that numerous owners search for cat ponds so they can let them swim and paddle all they want. They adore being in the water so much, in fact, that they have earned the moniker "the swimming cat".

3 - Abyssinian

Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is also fond of water and will investigate anything by putting their paws in first, including a full bathtub and their own water bowl. These kittens traveled across the ocean by boat to reach Europe for the first time, so it's possible that this explains why they are so at ease in the water now.

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