Is my dog recognising my voice on the phone?

Have you ever taken a lengthy vacation and questioned whether your dog misses you just as much as you miss them? Have you called their "sitter" to see how they are doing and requested a Skype or Face Time call? had the opportunity to have, you might have either been really happy or extremely disappointed when your dog responded indifferently when you called to them on the opposite end of the queue.

In light of this, it is reasonable to wonder if your dog can genuinely identify your voice on the phone. Although dogs are known to have keen senses, how does that translate through a phone?

Can dogs identify their owners over the phone?


The idea that a dog hears what you're saying is not unique to you. Some folks used to phone home to speak to their dogs when they still had landlines or answering devices since the audio could be heard in the house in real time. Many dog cameras today feature two-way speakers, so you can converse with your dog in addition to seeing them. By doing this, you can assist in redirecting a dog that may be barking in response to noise coming from outside through the window or calming a dog that is stressed or nervous about being out alone.

A lot of dog owners believe that their voice may calm their dog; therefore, they will sometimes even call their house and ask a relative or a pet sitter to place the dog on a phone or a video call. Despite the fact that some dogs appear perplexed by the source of their owner's voice, the majority of dogs appear to be able to identify it as being theirs.

How Science Relates


Our dogs are able to comprehend human speech and even discriminate between voices, according to research. In a study at the University of Sussex in England, researchers investigated whether dogs could recognise a word when it was said by several strangers. To make sure that dogs didn't already comprehend the words, the study used a random selection of words that weren't connected to any instructions or training cues. The researchers discovered that a dog that could distinguish between people based solely on voice could also distinguish between people based solely on a word spoken by each of them. Language perception, or the capacity to distinguish between words spoken by other people, was once believed to be a characteristic of only humans.

Dogs were recently found to be able to identify their owners simply by the sound of their voices, according to a different study conducted by scientists at the Department of Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary. The study examined if dogs could recognise individuals using the same distinctive audio characteristics as humans do. The owners of 28 different dogs were observed by researchers. The owner of the dog and an outsider were concealed behind walls as a component of the study. The voice of the dog's owner was then played from the owner's secret location, and the voice of the stranger was played from that location. They discovered that the dogs could frequently identify their owners based solely on speech.

The researchers next played the owner's voice from wherever the stranger was concealed to see if canines also used their sense of scent to find their owners. Voice recognition is crucial in these situations since the canines followed the sound of their owner's voice as it came in from the stranger's location, despite the fact that the owner's scent wasn't present.

Try an at-home voice experiment.


Are you curious to see how the dog will respond to your voice? To test whether your dog can recognise your voice, you can conduct simple trials at home. Consider it a fun activity you can perform with your dog.

You might start by recording your voice on your cell phone and listening to it to see whether your dog reacts. The examination can then start. Start by speaking loudly enough to enable the dog to hear you while hiding inside your house. If your dog discovers where you've hidden, you can add a little additional difficulty. Have someone else play a tape of you from a secret spot in your house to track your dog's movements.

Just remember to get out of hiding as soon as your dog exhibits signs of tension, anxiety, or suffering. On the other hand, one social media fad that can be entertaining for both people and dogs is testing your dog's ability to recognise your voice.

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