How do you know the gender of cats?

How do you determine a cat's gender? Finding the gender of the new pet is not always simple. It can be challenging for new cat owners to recognise the differences between a male and female cat's characteristics, and it can be even harder to tell the sex of an abandoned kitten and a neutered male. Read on to learn the most effective techniques to identify your cat's sex. There are still telltale symptoms and behaviors that may make it simpler to detect a cat's sex.

1 - Kitten


It's likely that a kitten being adopted by someone is only a couple of weeks old. It is practically impossible to distinguish the sex of newborn babies and young kittens due to their immaturity. But after they're 6 to 8 weeks old, it's easier to see their genitalia. The owner probably won't be able to touch or see the scrotum since the penis is not often visible in male cats. Therefore, a kitten's apparent absence of a penis and testicles does not indicate that it is female.

Breeders typically employ "punctuation marks" to indicate the sex of kittens or neutered cats. Raise the cat's tail softly to accomplish this; begin by giving it a gentle pet, and then try giving it a light scratch on the lower back, as the cat might raise its tail on its own as it starts to purr.

2 - Female Cat

Female Cat

With the lengthy slit in the vaginal part below the anus, the female cat's genital region, which is located right behind her tail, will resemble an upside-down exclamation point. Normally, the anus or vagina are only separated by about half an inch. The anus or vagina may both resemble dots in kittens, and they may also be more closely located together.

3 - Male Cat

Male Cat

The testicles are in the center of a bigger space above the anus or penis in the male cat. These two apertures resemble dots, circles, and a colon more than slits or lines.

4 - Spaying Adult Cats


Use the same sexing method as for kittens when adopting an adult cat; this usually works successfully for both neutered and "whole" cats. However, if the pet has not been spayed or neutered, it will be simpler to tell their sex based on both appearance and behavior. When cats are spayed and neutered, there is no discernible change in behavior between the sexes; any differences are likely due to the personalities of the individual cats.

5 - "Whole" Felines


Unneutered tomcats have more pronounced jowls and easily visible testicles. They also exhibit distinctive behaviors as they get older. Male cats who have not been neutered typically exhibit increased activity and aggression. In comparison to neutered toms, they are also more inclined to spray pee to define their territory. When in season, a female cat that has not been spayed is going to go into heat about every two weeks. Her behavior can radically change during this time as she looks for a mate. Unspayed female cats are usually more demanding of care and vocally noisier during this period.

6 - Neutered or spayed cats


Female cats who have been spayed will still display the upside-down "!," but if the cat becomes a pet as an adult, hormonal testing can be done to confirm the woman's sterilization. Before a female cat has an unintended litter, it's crucial to find out if she has been spayed or not. The anus or penis of the majority of neutered male felines will still be in close proximity to one another, and the vestiges of a testicular sac will still be visible. Cats that have been neutered won't exhibit conventional male or female traits. Spayed females cannot enter heat, while neutered males tend to be more submissive than "whole" males.

Differences in Appearance Based on Sex


Even though all cats have a relatively similar appearance, each gender has its own distinct colors and physical characteristics. Particularly, tri-colored calico and orange-and-black tortoiseshell fur on a male cat are highly uncommon. There is a very good possibility that a calico or tortie cat belongs to a female owner. Orange and ginger-coloured fur is unusual on female cats. There is a good likelihood that a male cat is owned by individuals who have an orange cat.

A pregnant cat is much more likely to have visibly noticeable nipples. A pregnant cat will display a low-hanging, swollen tummy, and females in heat may have a small quantity of mucoid vaginal discharge.

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