How do I identify a female cat in heat?

Your female cat is in heat in seven different ways. Unspayed female cats eventually experience "being in heat," a fertile stage of life that lasts well into old age. Estrus, or oestrus, the hormonal process that prepares cats for reproduction, starts between the ages of six and ten months.

Cats can successfully mate without a few healthy suitors every 14 to 21 days throughout their estrus cycle because they are effective breeders. Changes in her behavior may be a clue that she is in heat, as it is difficult to measure a cat's levels of hormones at home. Here are 7 behavioral changes that you can watch to know what happens to your female cat.

1 - Increased Volume and Vocalisation


You can interpret your cat suddenly becoming louder and talking a lot as a strong indication that she is in heat. Your cat might scream nonstop, day and night. Sometimes the meows even sound different from their typical voice, resembling a moan or yowl. She is signaling her presence to the neighboring suitors and calling for mates with her vocalizations.

2 - She rubs her body.


Take note: If your cat can't manage to walk, avoid rubbing her head and bottom on anything within reach. Pay attention to her body language. This may be a piece of furniture, a wall, or even you. She may be rolling around on the floor more frequently than usual as well. She uses this behavior to gain male attention while also distributing her fragrance around her territory.

3 - Trying to Get Away


Your cat may struggle to concentrate on anything except finding a partner to mate with when instincts take control. Cats typically enjoy relaxing indoors. If she tries to leave the house while in heat more than once, don't be shocked. When they are in heat, cats may stare intently out windows, rush to the door right away as it is opened, or look for other ways to escape. Right now, finding a mate is her main priority, no matter what.

4 - Spraying


Because it contains pheromones that male cats can detect, female cats may begin to spray their pee while they are in heat. You may be more successful in contacting your veterinarian if you're unclear if she's in heat because spraying throughout the house is also a common indicator of a urinary tract infection.

5 - The Care of the Genitalia


Cats are great at grooming themselves. However, you could discover that your female cats prefer to groom their genitalia over other parts of their bodies. Additionally, the genitalia may seem wet or bloated.

6 - Taking Up Position


Have you ever pegged your cat and seen how she lowered herself into an unusual position, placing her front elbows on the floor, her back legs in a squat, and her rear in the air? For female cats, the estrus posture is the mating position. She could also begin to "make biscuits'' with her back foot, which is a marching-like position. This position is thought to facilitate ovulation.

7 - Restlessness


Cats in heat frequently struggle to remain still. All day long, they'll walk around in circles or act uneasy. This frequently occurs when a person is near doors and windows.

Prevention of Cat Pregnancy


In actuality, you should refrain from allowing your cat to mate unless you're a professional breeder or have pedigreed cats. The average cat owner should strongly consider spaying and neutering their cat because our nation has a serious pet population problem. The majority of veterinarians advise spaying female cats after six months of age. Additionally, despite a slight price rise, a cat that is already in heat may continue to be spayed. Additionally, spaying a cat will stop the painful heat cycles as well as any health issues with the reproductive system in the future.

If the cost of spaying a cat sounds like a financial burden, some veterinarians provide low-cost spay options that are funded by neighborhood organizations. You may also ask the local animal welfare organization if they offer discounts on spay procedures at nearby veterinarians by giving them a call. The cheapest solutions in your area, some of which are only slightly more expensive than your regular cat food budget, can be recommended by your veterinarian.

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