Why do cats get scared of cucumbers?

Is it abuse that your cat will be scared of cucumbers? You might have seen clips online where people use a cucumber to stealthily hide behind their cats to startle them. The cat is surprised and jumps back, much to the enjoyment of the person filming, until it turns back to see the cucumber. When you first view a clip of a cat getting startled by a cucumber, you might assume it was an accident. But after viewing numerous videos, you might start to wonder why cats are afraid of cucumbers. Even your own cat might make you question whether a cucumber put behind them will frighten them. Let's find out the truth behind the story.

Exactly why do cats fear cucumbers?


The cat food sector loves to emphasize how predatory cats are. But many people overlook the fact that cats can also serve as prey. In actuality, many different species of animals can be considered prey for cats. Cats naturally dislike anything that sneaks up on them. This explains why cats have acute hearing, smell, and visual senses. In actuality, compared to dogs, cats have significantly more acute hearing and smell senses. Your cat will initially be shocked if they turn around and notice anything behind their backs that wasn't there before.

If a cucumber is placed where your cat is eating, drinking, or using the bathroom, this reaction can be made worse. Both of these actions expose your cat to risk. This is due to the fact that a cat using the litter box, eating, drinking, or engaging in any other activity distracts them from their surroundings more than they would otherwise. A cat using the litter box is unable to flee as quickly or readily. Your cat will experience extreme stress if one of these actions causes it to be surprised by a possible predator.

Cats react because cucumbers resemble snakes.

Scared Cat

The innate fear cats have of snakes typically provides an explanation for why they dislike cucumbers. A cucumber can appear to a cat in such a way as to resemble the bothersome reptile, causing it to jump just a little in the air in order to avoid being bit. Though we may find the response amusing, it is actually a fascinating behavior that has evolved over millions of years to protect their ancestors from snakes as well as similar predators.

However, other professionals contend that cats don't genuinely have an inherent aversion to snakes. Even some cats are known for seeking them. Could there possibly be another cause for cats' aversion to cucumbers?

The sudden emergence of vegetables surprises cats.

Scared Cat

Another explanation is that cats don't mind cucumbers and that their reaction has more to do with the fact that the vegetable managed to sneak behind them than with the cucumber itself. In the cat versus cucumber films, owners can be seen sneakily hiding the cucumber under their cats. Anyone, even cats, can be scared out of their minds by an object's unexpected presence. Therefore, rather than having a personal grudge against the green vegetable, it can just be a matter of pets being scared by an unexpected occurrence.

Reasons why you shouldn't ever use a cucumber (or anything else) to startle your cat

Scared Cat

No matter how cute their reaction is, shocking and surprising your cat is not fun for them. Additionally, cats can grow wary of you as well as other people, which would be detrimental to the crucial pet-owner relationship. Even more so than humans, stressed cats may be more susceptible to illnesses like urinary tract infections. Additionally, keep in mind that anxiety can affect both people and animals, so be careful not to provoke it by playing pranks on your cat.

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