Runny nose in cats: signs, causes, and treatments

Cats may find runny noses bothersome, but there are numerous reasons why this frequent condition occurs. A cat's runny nose may be brought on by an allergy, an upper respiratory infection, or a more serious illness. Runny noses can sometimes go away on their own, but other times, especially if additional symptoms are present, a trip to the vet is required. The cause of your cat's runny nose will determine the best course of treatment.

Why is my cats nose running?


Cats who experience irritation or inflammation in their nasal passages will eventually develop runny noses. This may be brought on by numerous illnesses and infections, as well as by foreign objects. Nasal discharge can differ in texture, volume, and color. Cats can often get the same illness that causes humans to have runny noses. Therefore, while a diagnosis is made, it is preferable to keep a cat with a runny nose apart from other felines in the house.

Runny nose in cats: symptoms


Nose discharge is a sign of a runny nose. Owners of cats may notice a clear, colorless discharge that is watery or thick. The color of nasal discharge can occasionally be slightly red, yellow, or green due to streaks of red blood cells or pus.

1: Coughing up runny eyes
2: Clogged nose
3: Reduced appetite
4: Loss of weight

What causes a runny nose in cats?


Your cat's runny nose could be brought on by a variety of different medical issues. While some of these conditions are mild, others will require immediate veterinary medical care. Runny nose triggers include:

1: Allergies
2: Upper respiratory illnesses
3: Infection with bacteria or fungi within the nasal cavity
4: Nasal cavity growths
5: Obstructions within the nasal cavity
6: Head injury
7: Pneumonia
8: Nose growths

Identifying cats' runny noses


It seems sensible to wait a few days to see whether your cat's nasal discharge goes away if there aren't any other symptoms of sickness present. Your cat will require veterinarian care if more symptoms show up or if the runny nose persists for a few days.

Ask the vet what to do next by giving them a call. Your veterinarian's office may wish to visit at a specified time so as to keep other felines away if the feline has cold-like symptoms (nasal discharge or congestion, sneezing, or runny eyes). It is extremely contagious for many upper respiratory illnesses in cats.

It is important to call your vet's office right away if your cat exhibits sudden, severe symptoms or if there is nose bleeding. If sudden symptoms appear after your doctor's office has closed, get guidance from an emergency veterinarian. This is crucial if the cat has experienced trauma.

Cats' runny nose remedies and treatments


Your cat will have a comprehensive examination by your veterinarian as a first step. Share as much information as you can about the symptoms you have observed in your home and your cat's present and previous medical conditions. The surroundings, diet, and any drugs or supplements your cat is receiving should all be discussed with your veterinarian.

Depending on the results of the examination, your veterinarian may recommend specific diagnostic and lab tests. The following items will be tested:

1 - Organ processes 
Simple blood and urine tests can tell you how your cat's organs are functioning and how many cells are in each organ. The vet can see the lungs in your cat's chest via radiographs (X-rays).

2 - Nasal blockages
When a nasal mass or foreign object is suspected, your veterinarian may recommend having a rhinoscopy on your cat. If the veterinarian chooses to rule out anything dangerous, an MRI or CT scan may be required.

3 - Infections
Medication will be required to treat a cat's running nose if a respiratory illness is to blame. Depending on the cause of the infection, this can involve using steroids, antifungal medications, or antibiotics. If additional data is required, your veterinarian might wish to send a sample from the discharge to an outside lab.

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