Is it OK to give your cats watermelon?

For humans, watermelon has become one of the more popular summertime fruits, and it is easy to understand why. It's a terrific choice for a light, fast, and calorie-efficient snack and may also be mixed to create a delectable smoothie. Not to mention that this fruit has a wealth of minerals and vitamins that are great for human health.

You might be wondering if your cat companion can try a bit because this beloved fruit is so good for us. Find out if cats are able to consume watermelon and if your cat will gain one of the same advantages that people do by reading on.

Are cats able to eat watermelon?


On a sweltering summer day, who doesn't enjoy watermelon? It's a treat that's often safe for your cat to consume, so you probably will, but moderation is the key. Fruit doesn't naturally belong in a cat's diet, so the sugar in it can have a negative impact on your cat's health. Never substitute fruit (even watermelon) for a meal. Offer a tiny slice or two as a reward only sometimes. To reduce the risk of choking, constantly make sure seeds are entirely removed.

Is watermelon toxic for cats?

Cat Eat Watermelon

Cats with diabetes or those who are overweight and are unable to tolerate sugar variations may have problems with watermelon. Even a modest amount of the watermelon's carbohydrate and sugar content may cause vomiting or diarrhea in certain cats who have trouble absorbing them.

We therefore believe that watermelon is acceptable to healthy cats, but this does not imply that you should always give them watermelon. It is safe to give your cat a little piece of the watermelon if she sometimes requests it and appears to tolerate it well.

Any seeds should be carefully removed because they contain cyanide, which can be dangerous in large doses. Additionally, they can pose a choking risk. Remove the entire rind as well, as it may pose a choking hazard and is very tough to digest. Kitty might find a tiny piece of the flesh appealing as a snack.

Do cats benefit from eating watermelons?

Watermelons and Cat

Cats have unique nutrient needs that must be satisfied by the food they consume, and these needs differ from ours as humans. Watermelon provides a good number of carbs, but cats don't require a lot of them every day.

Due to their strict carnivorous nature, cats need nutrients that are only found in animal products. Giving cats a comprehensive, nutritious commercial diet created by a board-certified vet nutritionist or someone with a PhD in animal nutrition is the easiest and most practical method to address their nutritional needs.

This means that if your cat receives all the vitamins and minerals he requires from his food, rewards like watermelon are not necessary. Additionally, more isn't always better when it comes to nutrients. Feeding a cat more food than he needs can occasionally end up being problematic.

How do you feed watermelon to your cats?

Cat Eat Watermelon

You must properly prepare watermelon if you want to give your cat a tiny bit of it. Before feeding the fruit to your cat, wash the fruit thoroughly and eliminate the seeds (as they contain cyanide but are also a choking hazard!). If the cat likes it, only offer her a little of it as a treat on occasion.

Watermelon rind should not be given to cats as it is hard for them to break down and digest, and it can also lead to choking, intestinal obstructions, and an upset stomach.

Just remember that each cat is different and that some might not like the flavor or aroma of watermelon while others could! Don't push it if your cat rejects the watermelon it offers; they are only trying to let you know that this fruit isn't for them.

Always remember to go by the 10% rule when giving your cat treats, such as watermelon, and make sure that 90% of their diet consists of well-rounded cat food and just 10% of their diet consists of treats. 
Additionally, it's vital to consider treats made specifically for cats because they are frequently safer for your cat as well. Some of these goodies are even nourishing.

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