Dogs rub their faces on the ground

Is it normal for dogs to rub their faces on things? Let’s go find out. Dogs frequently rub their faces against the ground, furniture, walls, and other objects. There are several reasons that a pet owner might need to address this behavior, even if it's just a case of an itchy face and isn't necessarily alarming.

What causes dogs to rub their faces?


A dog may be having a problem if it frequently rubs its face on something. However, if the rubbing only occurs occasionally, it might not be a problem. A dog can place its face on something for a variety of reasons, including irritation by fleas or allergies, damp or dirty fur, dental pain, eye pain, or just because it feels good.

Reasons for a dog to rub their face on things

1 - Allergy


Your dog might experience facial swelling and the need to touch their face if they have an allergy of a particular kind, such as to some medications they may be on or an unfamiliar plant they were exploring outside.

2 - Fleas or mites


When your dog gets a lot of mites or fleas on their face, it may irritate them. They might be continually scratching their face or doing it frequently, which could cause their face to swell.

3 - Setting a Boundary


Dogs may identify their territories by peeing, fecesing, or just rubbing their bodies or faces on an object. Invisible pheromones are left behind on the carpet, furniture, or anything else the dog is rubbing. While humans are unable to detect pheromones, other canines can; therefore, this behaviour may be considered normal.

4 - Blepharitis


An inflammation within the eye, specifically the eyelids or outer skin, is called blepharitis. Your dog can start continuously pawing at his eyes as a result. If your dog exhibits any indications of ocular inflammation, schedule a visit with a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

5 - It feels great.


When it comes to various fabrics and textures, dogs are much like people. Sometimes, rubbing a dog's face on objects just feels good. The behaviour could persist if a dog owner removed potential causes for why their dog might be rubbing their faces on objects.

6 - Trauma


Itching, burning, or inflammation of the skin on the face can be brought on by bee stings and snake bites. Your dog could require a trip to the vet if they are experiencing pain or itchiness in their face as a result of a sting or another injury.

7 - Low calcium levels


Hypocalcemia, or low calcium levels, can also cause facial itching and scratching. Numerous medical conditions can cause low calcium, which can also manifest as other symptoms such as twitching, convulsions, restlessness, hostility, and/or inordinate drinking or peeing. Any dog exhibiting these clinical symptoms needs to be evaluated right away by a veterinarian, who will also need to diagnose and monitor the ailment.

8 - Dental health


Similar to people, your dog may have facial swelling on one side if they get a tooth infection or gum infection. Swelling might not always be visible, but stroking your face can indicate pain. A tooth infection can be excruciatingly painful and requires prompt veterinarian care.

9 - Itching in the ears or eyes


Your dog may continuously claw at his face if he has an eye or ear infection. They'll probably feel uncomfortable, and pawing at the skin will serve as a way for them to numb the pain. These irritations might have a variety of reasons, but for the most part, they can be treated with a proper checkup and treatment from your veterinarian.

For stopping your dog from rubbing his face.


Examine your dog's allergies to stop face rubbing. Their eyes and the skin on their face may be uncomfortable as a result. Make sure your dog has protection against ticks and fleas with a flea and tick treatment suggested by your veterinarian to stop him from touching their faces. Make sure your dog doesn't have an infection or abscess by keeping an eye on his teeth and gums. Regular veterinary examinations will look for ailments that could be causing your dog to claw at their face.

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