8 winter indoor activities for your dog

Having a dog offers many enjoyable experiences, but stepping outside in the cold isn't always among them. Some breeds, such as those with thick coats like the Huskies, Malamutes, or Great Pyrenees, are happy to play outside in the bitter cold, but many would prefer to stay warm indoors as they wait for spring. Fortunately, there are many activities you can do with your dog this winter to keep them active without freezing your paws off.

1 - Play "Find It."


Use tiny dog treats and tuck them away in various locations around the house, but make sure your dog can find them. The top of a chair, beneath the coffee table, behind a door, and other places are also suitable. Give your dog free rein to explore the house and sniff out the treats. When they locate each treat, stimulate them by saying "find it" and giving them praise.

2 - Dog twirling


Who doesn't enjoy dancing off extra stress and boredom while jamming to their favorite music? Play some upbeat music, then hop around while dancing with your dog to the beat.

3 - Make a challenge course.


Utilize objects from around the house, such as a footstool for jumping aside, a coffee table for crawling under, the hula hoop for jumping through, and some shoes for weaving. Create the most imaginative canine obstacle course you can using your imagination. This kind of exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental stimulation.

4 - Conduct a treasure hunt.


Your dog will use their nose for their favorite reward or toy in this game. Assemble any empty containers or cartons. Turn them over and disperse them across the space. They should only bury their loot behind a pair of these crates. Your dog will enjoy sniffing around the room for his preferred toy or yummy reward.

5 - Establish a play date.


Invite a friend's or a neighbor's dog over for a playdate for some indoor entertainment. The best approach for keeping dogs active and promoting socialization is to schedule play dates. So that the dogs don't get hurt while roaming around the house, you should set aside a play space for them, such as the basement, garage, or a play enclosure.

6 - Get Fetch!


Use a soft ball, such as the Chuckit indoor balls, to creatively utilize the space in your house. This small, light ball is intended to protect surfaces inside. This ball can be thrown down stairs, so your dog may run down and up them. A lengthy hallway makes a wonderful place for a fetch game indoors. If necessary, rearrange some furniture in the living area to make more room for play.

7 - Take part in tug-of-war.


Your dog may pull alongside you by using their entire body and their engaged muscles during a good session of tug. Just make sure there are no hazardous objects nearby that your dog could trip over or knock over. This Goughnuts Dog Pulling Toy serves as a sturdy toy that is great for dogs who like to tug!

8 - Get some exercise.

Dog and a Girl

Being cooped up inside is a terrific chance to practice your obedience. Grab some treats, a clicker, and your patience, and start practicing basic commands. Reiterate the fundamental instructions, such as sit, paw, and down, before moving on to arrive. Wait a minute, drop it, and speak. Training is a terrific way to bond with others and is helpful for both physical and mental stimulation.

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