Is it okay if my cat eats paper or cardboard?

Why does my cat have a compulsion to devour paper? Did you ever think about this question? Cats are inquisitive animals who use their lips and noses to investigate, taste, and even chew interesting objects to learn more about their surroundings. They are able to taste and smell things that humans cannot. As weird as it may sound, many cats enjoy playing with paper and cardboard. This could be printer paper, money, magazines, books, boxes of cardboard, tissue paper, or towel paper, depending on the cat. Cats may investigate or play with paper by licking and chewing it, then discover they like the taste and scent of it.

While some cats will just chew on paper and cardboard, there are others that will consume it. Being carnivores, cats naturally like hunting prey. It's likely that shredding through cardboard and paper simulates the action of tearing into their prey's meat. The urge to consume non-food objects with little nutritional value is known as pica. Cats, dogs, humans, and other animals can all suffer from this illness. In cats, eating papers is a sort of pica, and there are a few potential causes.

1 - The curiosity
2 - Lack of interest
3 - Play (cats frequently adore the texture).
4 - Cats that are teething
5 - Worry or tension
6 - Disorder of compulsive behavior
7 - A medical ailment or a dietary deficit

Can cats safely chew paper?


Eating paper or cardboard with your cat is risky in other ways. Multiple-sheet paper is frequently fastened together using staples and other fasteners. They also contain colors and adhesives, so if the substance has previously served as a container, the previous contents must also be taken into account.

A natural substitute for other papers is hemp paper. If you know your cat eats paper, you can't keep the piece of paper out of reach of them, and you can choose what kind of paper it is. This might be a better option than other types of paper because they don't typically contain the same diversity of chemicals.

How can your cats stop consuming paper?

1 - Keep paper products away from cats.

Black Cat

Maintaining complete seclusion of all paper goods is your initial line of defense. Place magazines, books, toilet paper, paper towels, and other items high up on shelves or in cabinets out of your cat's reach. This will take away the temptation and motivate your cat to look for other ways to pass the time.

2 - Make a lot of toys or distractions available.

White Cat

Being naturally curious animals, cats require mental stimulation to maintain their happiness and health. Give your cat a tonne of interactive activities, scratching posts, and toys to keep them occupied. This can lessen the boredom and tension that could trigger harmful actions like chewing paper.

3 - Introduce fresh treats or foods.


Cats occasionally eat paper when they are craving particular flavors or textures. To sate their desires, try offering new foods or snacks that are rich in protein along with additional nutrients. Their drive to chew paper might be lessened as a result. Before making any dietary changes for your cat, though, make sure to see your vet.

4 - Consult with an expert


It might be time to speak with a vet or animal behaviorist if your cat persists in eating paper in spite of your best efforts. They can assist in locating any underlying medical conditions or behavioral problems that might be causing this behavior. To help your cat stop chewing paper, it may occasionally be necessary to use medicine or other therapies.

5 - Be persistent or patient.


Cats can be kept from consuming paper by being persistent and patient. Your cat may need some time to overcome this behavior, but it is feasible with constant effort and encouraging reinforcement. Never forget to praise good behavior and to never appreciate poor behavior. By giving cats a secure and enjoyable environment, you can stop them from chewing paper.

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