How should a beginner care for a guinea pig?

Despite being tiny, adorable, and fluffy, guinea pigs require veterinarian care similar to what dogs and cats do. You might be uncertain regarding how to take care of a guinea pig if this is your first foray into the realm of pocket pets. Is it simple to care for a guinea pig? Alternatively, does it take more care than your other pets? Let’s read it below:

1 - Housing

Guinea Pig

The enclosure for your guinea pig needs to be no less than one meter by 0.75 meter and 0.75 meter high. The space required by two guinea pigs will need to be doubled. They will also require private, covered sleeping spaces of their own. Flystrike risk can be decreased by fly-proofing the enclosure with flyscreen wires or mosquito netting. Newspaper and supple grass hay should be used to line the hutch as padding to guard against foot injuries. Never use wood shavings, straw, or sawdust. Keep in mind that your guinea pig must always be on a soft, dry surface; otherwise, she may experience foot issues. Regularly clean the entire habitat, including her bedding, when necessary (often once per day).

Keep the hutch away from direct sunlight and strong winds in a protected area that is properly ventilated, between 18 and 26°C. They need to have access to enough shade at all times.

2 - Companionship

Guinea Pig

When maintained alongside other guinea pigs, they are happiest. If you are keeping males and females shared, though, make sure they are both of the same sex or that at least one of them has been desexed. The RSPCA of NSW advises against housing rabbits and guinea pigs together. Guinea pigs and rabbits may bully one another and spread diseases.

3 - Food

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs eat just plants. They require it in order to maintain their wellbeing. a reliable source of fresh grass and grass hay in good condition. This is crucial for wearing out their teeth, which are constantly elongating. Every day, consume new, leafy green vegetables as well as herbs like basil, coriander seeds, dandelion, dill, mint, and parsley. Other examples are broccoli, cabbage, celery, endives, Brussels sprouts, and other Asian greens. Keep in mind that giving carrot tops to pets should only be done on rare occasions. excellent guinea pig pellets in modest amounts. These ought to contain no less than 16% fiber, vitamin C, including a few citrus or kiwi fruits and fresh pure water.

4 - Keep your guinea pig from eating.

Guinea Pig

Beans, Beets, Biscuits, Bread, Cereal, Buttercups, Chocolate, Corn, Gardens, Shrubs, Grains, Lily of the Valley, Nuts, Potato Tops, Bare Beans, Rhubarb The leaves, seeds, spinach leaves, sugar, and sweets

5 - Enrichment

Guinea Pig

The more space available for exercise, the better for guinea pigs. She should work out each day in a sizable, grassy place that is uninhabited and free from danger. As well as upturned boxes to hide in, you might give your guinea pig a gnawing log made from untreated wood for putting down her teeth.

6 - Grooming

Guinea Pig

Long-haired guinea pigs require daily care to keep their coats in good shape. Additionally, make sure to measure the total length of your guinea pig's toenails and teeth. Ask your vet to clip them if they're getting too long.

7 - Health

Guinea Pig

Many common health issues, such as respiratory infections and skin conditions, can be avoided with good cleaning and feeding habits. A flyscreen must be placed over the hutch where your guinea pigs are housed. This will help avoid flystrike, along with keeping her hutch tidy. Long-haired guinea pigs were especially susceptible to this potentially lethal illness. Like the majority of pets, guinea pigs can get fleas. If necessary, talk to the vet about a suitable flea treatment. They might also have mite diseases, which can be itchy and uncomfortable and result in hair loss. Consult a doctor right away when your guinea pig starts to develop bald patches, since this could be an indication of the fungus ringworm. For further details on typical health issues.

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