7 simple steps to teach dogs to play dead

Playing dead is a clever dog trick. Even though it's not as crucial as training your dog to comply with orders like "sit and "stay," it may nonetheless be an enjoyable pastime both for the dog and the spectators. To begin teaching your dog to pretend to be dead, all you need are a few delectable treats. Ensure that your clicker is nearby, because this is a great trick to teach using the clicker training technique.

1 - Keep track of the side your dog prefers to lie on.

Dog play dead

Many dogs prefer one side over another while they are lying down or turning over. When teaching your dog to act dead, use the side that they seem to like, because it will be easier for them to pick up the behavior if you do.

2 - Select the appropriate setting.


You should pick a relaxing, noise-free area where you have control over your dog for training. Avoid training instructions at the dog playground because the other dogs will likely distract them.

3 - Send the "down" order.


Command your dog to go into the down posture by using the hand signal and verbal command that they are already accustomed to. Encourage your dog to turn around. Several inches above your dog's nose, place a dog gift between the first of your two fingers. Bring the food item over to your dog's side so that it will roll over and continue to stare at the treat.

4 - Gratify your dog.


Give your dog something tasty and vocal praise when they are lying on the right side.

5 - Repeat.

Dog Sleeping

Reward your dog by lying on its side when you repeat the activity multiple times.

6 - You should also include a visual cue.


Add your vocal cue phrase and hand signal after your dog is aware that you are rewarding him for lying on your side.

7 - Verbal cues and physical indications should be repeated.


Reset your dog to ensure they are in control and paying attention before you start the command. Repeat this step for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Your dog needs a break after 15 minutes of training because of their short attention spans. To keep the lessons enjoyable and positive for both yourself and your dog, conclude each session with your dog effectively applying the technique.

You can start practicing this trick in additional distracting settings if your dog is comfortable playing dead on command inside your home. To continue to make your dog successful, gradually increase the level of distraction. Be sure to reward your dog each time they succeed. Your dog will soon be prepared to play dead anywhere, at any time, with a little practice.

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