Why Do Cats Bring Their Owners Dead Animal "Presents"?

Do you own a cat who delivers you gifts? Some owners may be given gifts such as their cat's stuffed animal, whereas others may be given dead animals or rats. Why, then, do cats bring such gifts? Is there anything that a cat owner may do to put a stop to this behavior? Understanding the reason behind this type of cat behavior will help you learn how to avoid your cat from introducing unwanted "gifts" into your house.

The Idea Behind the "Gift"

Cats Bring Rat

Cats are born hunters. Even though domesticated cats are aware that they do not need to capture their own food in order to survive, they cannot resist the temptation and frequently enjoy both hunting and chasing. Many cats who catch prey may bring the dead animals—or, maybe more uncomfortably, sometimes the still-alive animals—to their owners to show off their treasured capture for future consumption, as a training tool, or as a gift.

Cats are also pack animals, so they frequently wish to share their wealth with their family. This is particularly true for female cats, who generally teach their kittens how to eat and hunt. This means that if a cat delivers you a creature they have caught, whether living or dead, cats consider you to be a member of their family. Their intuition tells them that this is the thing they must do to live and that they must pass on these vital, life-saving talents to their family.

This hunting behavior is unrelated to hunger. Instead, the "prey" obtained by indoor cats is frequently toy mice, balls, and garbage that they believe they "hunted." These goods may also be given to you as gifts, despite the fact that they are inedible.

Cats Who Give Toys as Gifts

Cats and Dead Mouse

Some cats may greet their owners by gifting them one of their favorite toys in the mornings or when they return home from work. These types of gifts may be motivated by your kitty's desire for some playfulness.

When their cat comes sauntering over with an inflatable ball in their mouth, most owners find it impossible to resist giving them attention. Consider setting aside a period of time each day to participate in play sessions that resemble hunting whenever your cat gives you toys.

Outdoor Wildlife Preservation

Cats Bring Dead Animal

Outdoor cats are so skilled at hunting and killing native wildlife that they are regarded as invasive species and damaging to native bird populations. Attach bells to an outdoor cat's breakaway collar to warn wildlife of an impending cat assault.

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Bringing In Prey?

Cats Playing With Mouse

There are several options available to you. The very first stage is to confine your cat inside. She can't kill the local fauna if she doesn't have access to it. If the cat has access to the outdoors, she is more likely to seek and kill small animals than an indoor cat. Keeping your cat occupied indoors will keep her entertained and help her satisfy her hunting instinct. To keep your cat entertained, try this food-filled cat puzzle toy. If the cat is adamant about going outside, you can put her on a cat collar and leash and monitor her the rest of the time.

You may even give her a window box or even a catio (cat patio) to allow her to enjoy the fresh air without really going outside. You can also take pleasure in the fact that your cat enjoys bringing you goods. It might not be the stuff that you appreciate, but the thought is what counts.

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