Why cats enjoy cardboard

It goes without saying that cats adore boxes. In fact, many cat enthusiasts have at least once witnessed a cartoon in which a cat sleeps in a box rather than the pricey cat bed found within that box. The causes can be numerous, but the bottom line is that it provides a safe and warm place for the cat to rest.

1 - Boxes are similar to sensory deprivation chambers for cats.

Cat in cardboard

Few things are more distressing for a wild cat than being apprehended by animal services and sent to a foreign, loud, and bright animal shelter. Boxes come in handy! A recent study discovered that giving feral cats hiding boxes when they come to an animal sanctuary lessens their stress and the time it takes them to recover from the transfer.

2 - They make excellent sleeping quarters.

Cat enjoy cardboard

Another reason cats prefer boxes is that they provide a comfortable area to nap. Cats can sleep for as long as eighteen hours each day, so selecting the ideal position is critical. Your cat perceives a safe, luxurious cave that offers warmth and shelter and that looks like a simple cardboard box. We propose that you provide your cat with such a box in the home to provide them with a safe place to escape to.

3 - Cats hunt in boxes

cat in cardboard

Cats enjoy hunting, and boxes offer an additional outlet for that drive. Boxes provide a spot for cats to hide while stalking their prey, increasing their chances of pouncing and capturing the prize. In the case of a house cat, this prey might come in the form of a bug, a toy, or even your foot.

4 - Cats are simply inquisitive.

cats in box

Cats are typically inquisitive creatures, so it's no wonder that anytime you buy something new, they rush over to explore. In addition to making the new thing smell unusual, the cat is also intrigued about its purpose in their home. If you buy something that arrives in a box, don't be shocked if your cat rubs itself over it and looks at it!

5 - Cats feel comfortable and secure in boxes.

cats and cardboard

Have you ever noticed how the cat is constantly seeking to wrap up in a cozy spot? This is due to the fact that a cat's "thermoneutral area" is very certainly far warmer than your home. Cats love temperatures ranging from 86 through 97 degrees Fahrenheit. While your house is probably too cool for your cat, he might enjoy snuggling up in an inflatable ball inside a small box. Cardboard is a good electrical insulator, which increases the warming factor. Set out a few boxes if you want to construct a cheap "playground" for your cat. Would like to make her fall in love with them even more.

6 - Anxiety can be reduced by using boxes.


Offering your cat a box may potentially alleviate any fear it is experiencing. When a cat is utterly spent, worn out from playing, or simply weary of playing, a box helps them to rest until they're ready to go outside once more. Think about a cardboard box as a meditation space. Cats, particularly those who have recently been adopted, are frequently stressed and overwhelmed. Parker says that a box offers them some peace and quiet away from the chaos. Although there are many things that your cat might not appreciate, an empty box isn't one of them.

7 - Safety Recommendations


Before you give your cat a box to play with, consider the following:

1: Loosen all of the staples from the cardboard. They could accidentally poke the cat or produce a stab wound that could become infectious.

2: Discard any twine and string that was used to shut the box, as they can cause a linear foreign object in cats.

3: Place the container on a stable surface, like the floor, on its biggest side to prevent it from tipping over.

4: If you're packing boxes for a move, make sure your cat hasn't gotten into one before you close it up.

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