Why are cats picky about water?

Not all cats are afraid of water. Cats that have had good experiences near and in water, particularly during their critical socialization stage, frequently enjoy it. There are also breeds that adore water! It is critical to treat the cat as an individual, with no expectations.

Many cats have developed an aversion to water.


Cats are said to have been domesticated in the Middle East 9,500 years ago. They originated in arid desert regions without access to rivers, lakes, or rain. As a result, modern cats tend to avoid bodies of water. Even neighborhood cats seek cover from rain and storms. Hiding from water is a common instinct in modern cats.

This is not true for all breeds, just as some breeds of cats prefer swimming due to their evolutionary background.

The Turkish Van or Turkish Angora, for example, are recognized for their affinity for water and their ability to swim. In order to be able to swim and fish in the summer, they made an environmental adjustment in Turkey's Lake Van region. Other breeds that appreciate water also include Bengals, Maine Coons, and American Bobtails.

There are six reasons cats stay away from water.

1 - Apprehension or discomfort


Cats are creatures of mystery and routine! A cat who has never taken a bath may dislike the sensation of having its entire body saturated in it. A traumatic experience with water can create a programmed fear response in a cat that will last a lifetime. It may fear the novelty of the encounter as well as the physical sensation. A kitten who has been repeatedly exposed to water may be trained to be more receptive to it.

2 - Vulnerability


A wet cat's coat weighs more than usual. This can restrict their mobility and reflexes, making them feel vulnerable. That may simply make the cat feel helpless to defend itself. Also, water makes surfaces slick. While your cat is in the wash basin or tub, it may not be able to hold or balance, which can cause it to appear frightened. To alleviate this sensation, place a damp towel at the base of the tub and sink for the cat to grab.

3 - Preferences for grooming


Cats enjoy feeling clean. They spend a significant amount of time cleaning themselves, possibly as much as 50 percent of their day! Most cats don't seem to like having anything that doesn't smell "normal" on their fur. Shampoos containing water or solvents might strip the excess oil from their fur. Bathing them, in their opinion, makes extra effort for them when cats prefer to bathe themselves.

4 - Landlords have evolved over time.


Cats dislike water for a variety of biological reasons. Despite the fact that many cats enjoy the flavor of fish, they really aren't ocean or river animals. Domesticated cats are descended from felines that lived in dry and desert environments. They never took up swimming because there was no evolutionary reason for them to do so. This behavior, or lack thereof, has persisted in our modern cats.

5 - Chemicals


Cats are 14 times more susceptible to smell than humans. Your water may include chemicals that your cat dislikes, such as chlorine or fluoride. Your cat also may dislike the aroma of the shampoos you're using, particularly if it's overpowering.

6 - Time to dry


If you've ever showered a cat, then you know it might take a long time for its fur to dry. Some cats may avoid being wet because they are conscious of the time it takes for their fur to dry, keeping them wet and miserable. Damp fur is also cold! After being soaked in water, your cat may experience a period or feel cold.

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