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Love is in the air! It's a divine sensation. It should go without saying that being in love and being loved is simply joyous, whether it's for young couples just beginning their courting or older couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Of course, not all types of love are shared by couples. There are many distinct types of love, including philia love for friends and familial love among parents and children, to name a few. Is love a brain-based emotion?

1 - Being in love is similar to doing drugs.

Love Facts

According to numerous studies, falling in love has a similar effect as using drugs. You may act irrationally or in ways you never anticipated when you are in love. According to research, falling in love can have the same effect as taking cocaine.

2 - It is impossible to emphasize the value of making eye contact.


Amazing studies have revealed that after three minutes of looking into each other's eyes, couples who have fallen in love and connected in a loving relationship synchronize their heart rates.

3 - You can go insane from love.

Lovely Couple

You might or might not be aware that falling in love might result in dangerous infatuation. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder, and it is caused by the same levels of serotonin that cause infatuation. This is likely the reason why, after you've fallen in love, you can't seem to think about anyone else.

4 - A loving connection equates to a sound heart.

Lovely Couple

There are benefits to being in a committed relationship or married. Married people have a lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases than single, divorced, or bereaved people, according to a study including 3.5 million people. Marriage is related to a 12% decreased risk of any vascular disease in people aged 50 and under.

5 - Two lovers' hearts beat in unison at all times.


It may seem strange, yet this is the case. Your heartbeat beats in time with the person you are in love with. This has also been scientifically demonstrated in a study. If you're not sure if your feelings for someone are love or infatuation, simply connect to a heart rate monitor and check your heartbeats. You might also simply place your hand on theirs and theirs on yours, and the synchronized lub-dub will really blow your mind. Your hearts literally beat in unison when you're in love; you're not just emotionally in tune but also physically! After learning these interesting facts about it, falling in love now seems like a much more appealing idea.

6 - It is the brain that causes someone to fall in love.


They say that because when people fall in love, their hypothalamus takes over. The hypothalamus, which is situated next to the pituitary gland in the brain, is in charge of coordinating hormone release, hunger regulation, and daily physiological cycles. When you're in love, the hypothalamus releases hormones like oxytocin and cortisol, which give you that swoony, "I'm high up in the heavens" feeling.

7 - More likely to succeed are those who are in love.

Couple watching Sunset

Have you ever started your work pile only to find yourself sighing, daydreaming, and grinning to yourself? That's what love does to you, so it's normal. Obsessive love decreases productivity in humans, according to science. By establishing limits and reducing distractions, you may quickly get back into your groove.

8 - It's true that opposites do attract.

A Love Couple

Although everybody has heard the proverb "opposites attract," many individuals don't believe it to be true. Another interesting fact regarding love is that having varied personal interests and pastimes can actually make relationships more spontaneous and affectionate. This does not preclude happy partnerships between those who share interests, though.

9 - Your heart is capable of breaking.

Old Man & Woman Love

According to research, intense, traumatic events like break-ups, divorces, the death of a loved one, being physically separated from a beloved one, or betrayal can result in actual physical pain in the heart region. The broken heart syndrome is the name given to this ailment.

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10 - Love must be "blind" in order to survive.

Couple Proposal

A new partner is always beautiful in our eyes, regardless of what other people think of them. Scientists refer to this blindness as the "attachment stage," which is necessary for us to advance in our relationship and is typically necessary for people to stay in love long enough to produce and raise children, or, in other words, to populate the globe.

11 - The heart becomes softer with time apart.


It's possible that you've heard that long-distance relationships fail a lot. There is a study, though, that paints a different image. According to the study, long-distance relationships are not only fruitful but also contribute to the growth of trust and contentment between couples.

12 - An excellent way to reduce stress is to hold hands.

A Couple Holding Hands

This sweet and private public display of love is socially acceptable. However, it affects the body more than the heart. Because parents have been holding their children's hands since the time they were born, hand-holding isn't just a behaviour reserved for romantic relationships. According to an experimental psychologist, holding hands will quickly lower blood pressure, calm the pulse rate, and reduce stress levels.

13 - A four-month crush is all it is.


It's an incredible sensation to have a crush on someone. You find yourself immediately motivated to improve, filled with excitement, wanting to see them constantly, and unable to get them out of your head. However, a crush should only last four months on average. You'll have trouble getting over them if it exceeds It's as though you're in love.

14 - It's an indication of attraction when partners mimic each other's behavior.

Girl With Balloon

Though they are tiny, movements do exist. The easiest way to read someone's behavior or attitude is through their body language. After spending a lot of time with someone, you may find that you start to mimic their movements. In fact, it was discovered that women who imitated men's behaviors became increasingly seductive.

15 - Sanskrit roots for the word "love" mean "to desire."

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The Indo-European root leubh, which roughly translates to "to care" or "to desire," is where the word "love" comes from. This origin is approximated by words like the Latin lubet, "it pleases," as well as the Sanskrit lubhyati, "he desires." English words like "libido" and "belief," which are linked to the word "love," also descend from the root "lebuh".

16 - Marriage is not only for people.


You might believe that only human beings engage in monogamous partnerships. One interesting fact about love, though, is that many species in the animal kingdom commit to long-term partnerships and stay with the same spouse their entire lives.

17 - The relationship will benefit from having a pet together.

A Lovely With Pet Dog

Most couples who are apprehensive about having children begin with their pets. Having an animal companion—whether a dog, a cat, or a goldfish—has been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness in general. Maintaining a pet as a partnership opens great opportunities for parenting, managing stress, accepting responsibility, and improving communication. It serves as a test to see whether the couple is prepared for the next phase of their union.

18 - There's a reason why the cliche "communication is vital" is so popular.

Old Lovely Couple

In addition to allowing you to express yourself to your partner, communication also enables you to meet their requirements by comprehending their point of view. It involves more than merely inquiring about their day or their lunch. When you pay attention to what they have to say and react appropriately, you can really encourage children to talk to you more and feel heard and protected.

19 - Both sight and scent have an impact on it.


According to relationship counselor Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, how someone smells and whether or not you are naturally attracted to that scent are important factors in deciding how much you would like to date them. Pheromones, molecules generated in sweat that might cause sexual excitation, are totally to blame for your desire.

20 - Physical pain might be eased by cuddling with the one you love.

Couple Hugging

A hormone called oxytocin is released in your body when you cuddle up to someone you love.

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