How do you tell if your dog is fond of you?

Apart from hugs and grins, dogs also display affection towards people. A dog may cling to you, bring a toy, and carry your belongings as a sign of affection. With the variety of ways dogs can show their feelings, from the incredibly subtle to the apparent, it can be difficult to tell if they are pleased or sad. By observing these 10 indicators of affection, you may determine whether your dog loves you.

1 - When they are near you, they may wag their tail.


Dogs' tails can express a range of emotions, including happiness, fear, worry, and anger. In general, a dog's tail will be looser the more at ease he or she is. When your dog feels joyful, its tail will wag so vigorously that it will appear as though their whole tail end is wagging. This displays how much your dog respects and loves you.

2 - The dog licks you.


Dogs enjoy licking. When a dog licks you, it is giving you a kiss. Even among dogs, licking is a universal symbol of devotion! Another attention-seeking activity is dog licking. Hence, if your dog licks someone, they can be requesting play, affection, or pets.

3 - Keeping a gaze

Lazy Dog

Intimate eye contact is a sign of trust and affection for many dogs. According to studies, when we look affectionately into our dog's eyes, they comprehend and reciprocate the love. When two people or dogs look into each other's eyes, oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel happy, is released. Hence, you might be right to assume that your dog is telling you, "I love you," if they are gazing at you with their warm, puppy dog eyes. Attention must be paid to the distinction between affectionate and threatening eye contact. Only those you love, respect, and feel very safe with should make prolonged eye contact.
Dogs might get agitated, anxious, and uncomfortable when forced to initiate eye contact. Typically, a "hard look" is accompanied by tense body language, dilated pupils, and a stiff tail. Instead, seek out times throughout the day to initiate and keep up eye contact with your dog during effective times, like playtime or when cuddling on the couch.

4 - They pursuing you around


If your dog follows you around, it indicates that they greatly value you. So keep in mind that the next time you start to get a little irritated about falling over your dog, it's only because they love you so much! Because your dog doesn't comprehend the idea of being apart from you, they are unsure of what to do when you aren't around.

5 - Leaning Towards You


You won't likely lean against anyone you do not even know or trust, just like you wouldn't maintain eye contact, nor will your dog. If your dog rests against you while you're sitting on the couch or the floor, it suggests it feels secure, safe, and completely at ease. When a dog leans against its owner out of fear or anxiety, the dog simply leans against the owner because it sees someone as a protector when it is scared or anxious.

6 - They'll pounce on you.

White Dog

As most dog owners teach their dogs not to jump on people, the act of dogs jumping onto others is widely regarded as undesirable. We frequently misunderstand our dogs whenever they leap up on us to greet us with excitement, despite the fact that most of us are conscious that leaping up is a sign of affection. Your dog is attempting to jump onto you as dogs are taught to kiss their family's face and eyes. He or she recognizes you as the parent and is attempting to lick your face.

7 - Gifts

Cute Puppy

As a sign of affection, respect, and trust, dogs frequently present gifts to the alpha males in their pack. Kids might be protective of their possessions, so giving you their favorite toys could be a sign of their confidence in your ability to look after their prized possessions. That is a significant duty and a significant honor!

8 - Roughhousing with you


Your dog is expressing their love for you when they roughhouse with you. Also, it contributes positively to their social growth. Although you shouldn't reward actions like biting, nipping, angry barking, or pawing at you, it is possible to strike a healthy balance between rough play and being gentle. Consider how dogs wrestle with one another: they display their teeth and lunge at each other. Therefore, bear that in mind and respond to your dog's affection when it desires to play hard with you.

9 - Sleep next to you.


Dogs have a natural inclination to sleep with their pack, much as they did as newborn puppies alongside their littermates. An indication of devotion and closeness is your dog preferring to sleep next to you, whether in the bed or in your room. Dogs like your company, see you as one of the pack, and are eager to demonstrate their allegiance, trust, and readiness to defend you—or allow you to defend them," claim specialists at Wag.

10 - Carry your items with you.

German Shepherd

Dogs with strong emotional attachments to their owners adore the fragrance of their owners and everything that has their scent. Your dog may simply adore you and desire to be aware of you wherever they go if they search through your footwear pile or clothes basket looking for anything that smells like you.

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