How Do You Motivate A Lazy Dog?

Why is my dog lazy and naps all the time? What are you able to do with your dog when you're confined to your house due to illness or social withdrawal? Our dogs require daily activity, mental stimulation, and contact just like we do. Here are some activities you and your dog can perform at home.

1 - Hide the toys.


Do you frequently leave the same old toys out for your dog? Hold it! Playing with new toys will pique your dog's attention considerably more. You don't always need to spend cash on novel toys. Simply keep the ones they haven't been paying attention to hidden and shock them with the toy after a few weeks. They'll do an excellent job of exhausting themselves if they are passionate toy lovers just by hopping about with long-lost toys.

2 - Play hide-and-seek


Tracking skills are taught when playing hide and seek. Tell your dog to stay to start. If your dog has trouble staying, have another person hold his collar. Choose a simple hiding place while they remain where they are. Call your dog's name when you arrive and wait until they come looking for you. When they do, pamper them and give them praise. Make your hiding places harder as they get acquainted with the game, or include friends and challenge them to find everyone. Try hiding their favorite toys or treats around the yard to change up the game.

3 - In or out, use all you can.


There is no law requiring you to walk your dog outside for exercise. A straightforward game of fetch can be a great way to increase the amount of energy expended. With a dog like a Border Collie or a Siberian Husky, this activity will put the majority of dogs to sleep quite fast, requiring little more than a few minutes of your time. It's simple to engage in a game of tug or fetch as you sit on the couch, and housebound dogs always like it.

4 - Games of puzzles


There are numerous toys and puzzle feeders that are immobile. Veterinary experts are better recognizing dogs' demands for intellectual stimulation and enrichment as they gain more knowledge about dog behavior. This is fantastic news for dog owners since it means that there are increasingly more commercial puzzle toys accessible. Set your dog up for success, just like with rolling puzzle feeders. Start easy if your dog has never played with a puzzle toy before.

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5 - Try out "The Shell Game."


Two containers, a few additional sweets, and the shell game are required. As you place the treat between the other two cups, show the dog the goodie. Ask your dog to locate the treat after switching the cups around a few times. Most dogs will tip the cup containing the treat over. Make the game harder as your dog becomes more adept at it. You can move the cups around for longer, choose a treat that has a softer scent, or add a third cup.

6 - Put him to work.


One thing you can do to prevent boredom is to train your puppy to assist with a few household tasks. Teach him to fold your clothes and place them in the hamper or to put away his toys. It will keep your puppy busy and make activities around the house more enjoyable for you.

7 - Wrestling or tug-of-war


You might want to steer clear of this game if your dog gets really excited playing it. But, some dogs find it to be a tonne of fun to roll about on the ground with their favorite person.

8 - Interactive toys


If you need to entertain your puppy but don't have the opportunity to play with him right now, activity toys are an excellent option. They extend mealtime and stimulate the mind as your dog solves the puzzle to obtain their reward.

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