Easy and Funny Dog Tricks for Training

You can advance to the entertaining dog tricks once you've mastered the fundamentals of dog training. This is psychologically exciting for the animal, a great way to strengthen your relationship, and it reinforces the fundamental commands. Everyone may train a pup or older dog amazing tricks, even absolute beginners.

1 - Spin Around

Dog Spin Around

Some dogs may find it more difficult than others to learn to turn over. Since rolling onto its back is indeed a dangerous spot for a dog, it necessitates a great degree of confidence from your dog. As a result, be sure to practice this dog skill slowly and in a safe area.

2 - Shake Hands

Shake Hands

Once your dog is seated, hold a treat within easy reach in front of it. Using the hand not carrying the treat, tap one of your dog's front feet while saying "shake hands." The majority of dogs will raise a paw in an effort to obtain the treat. If your dog extends a paw, grab it with the hand that isn't holding a treat and repeat, "shake hands," so that it associates the movement with the order. Continue these procedures until your dog responds instinctively to the command to elevate his paw.

3 - Speak


You may teach your dog to communicate if they are familiar with the quiet command. After your dog starts barking, give them a verbal command and reward them with treats. To avoid giving your dog the notion that you're praising them for barking excessively, be sure to record just one bark at a time as you go with your training.

4 - Give Kiss


Even though not everyone appreciates a large, wet puppy smooch, youngsters typically enjoy this dog trick very well. You may quickly instruct your dog to provide you all the love you desire by placing a small treat on your cheek and saying the command. Training your dog to kiss on command has another advantage in that it might help you stop uninvited licking.

5 - Play Dead

Dog Play Dead

Another audience favorite is pretending to be dead or training your dog to remain still by lying on its side. For this dog trick, you may always pretend to be frightening your dog into such a fainting position by using the word "boo" if you don't like guns.

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Dog Play Fetch

Start by tossing a ball or favorite toy a short distance to your dog. The majority of dogs will grab the ball out of instinct. As quickly as your dog takes the ball, command it to "come," and then encourage it to do so by praising it while speaking in a cheerful manner. Use the command "drop it" to tell your dog to let go of the ball as it approaches you.

7 - Bow


You can take advantage of the fact that dogs are prone to bowing while teaching them this technique. Place the palm of your hand close to the dog's nose, hold a treat in your hand, and slowly glide your hand between the dog's legs and towards its stomach. Your dog will bend over to grab the reward while maintaining its backside in the air as a result of this sluggish motion. Luring your dog back to a standing posture after they take a bow will prevent them from fully settling into the down position, and you can then give them a reward.

8 - Back Up


Back up is a cute dog trick that can be useful in a number of circumstances. Once your dog has mastered the ability to back up when instructed, you can use it to stop it from racing out all the doors, crowding people at the fridge, or just to amuse your guests. It's not too difficult to teach a dog to back up. All you need is a little patience and a few sweets. A dog can be quickly trained to advance a few paces when instructed to do so.

9 - Stand Up

Dog Stand Up

The American Kennel Club suggests having your dog sit in front of you while you hold a treat parallel to its nose. As your dog tries to reach the treat, gradually lift it higher. As soon as it does, give your dog a snack as a reward. Once your dog is standing up straight, use the vocal cue "stand" and repeat.

10 - Wave


Place a hand just above your dog's head level when ordering your dog to shake its paw after getting it to sit, advises the pet website Barkily. When they try to shake your hand, tell them to say "bye" instead. With your hand removed, gesture up and down at your dog. Your dog will wave in the air and miss your hand when you draw it back. Give the dog praise and a treat when it accomplishes this.

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