10 Vietnam Facts: Vietnamese Culture

Travelers are increasingly interested in visiting Vietnam. Vietnam still has a lot to offer tourists despite not being one of the "must-see" nations in their eyes. This great nation is waiting for you to explore its unspoiled islands, gorgeous beaches, delectable food, fascinating culture, and amazing history.

1 - Chinese influences are clearly present in Vietnamese culture.


Both their traditional ideology and their political system are influenced by Confucianism and Taoism. Buddhism is the most common religion in the nation, and it has a close relationship with popular culture. In turn, the claimed religion is a significant center of peace and humanity. Vietnamese ceramics, calligraphy, and heritage all reflect the impact of China on Vietnamese art. Vietnamese lacquer paintings are quite well-liked just now.

2 - The currency is known as the "dong."

Vietnam Dong

You'll feel flushed shortly after using it, which is Vietnamese for "brief." The smallest note you'll be able to find is VND 10,000, so converting £10 will yield around VND 300,000. Prepare to put your math to the test as you try to figure out the conversions. Vietnam is a well-known cheap currency and travel location. Read More: World Lowest Currencies Which Feels You Rich

3 - The traditional Vietnamese funeral ritual can endure for over two years.


There will be a three-day funeral.  On the first day, the family places the body in the coffin; on the second, family and friends visit; and on the third, the body is buried or cremated.  But as time went on, the number of rites decreased, leading to today's less elaborate funerals and burials.

4 - Motorcycles are clogging the roads.


Ho Chi Minh City alone has an estimated 7.4 million motorcycles on the road, a figure that is growing by the year. Since there are so many motorbikes in Vietnam, there is one for every other person. Even though bikes account for 90% of all vehicles on city streets, the government has only made wearing a helmet mandatory for the past four years.

5 - The nation has an S-shaped shape.


If you examine the map, you'll find that Vietnam forms an "S" shape with Laos and Cambodia, making it a long yet slender nation. Due to its shape and geographic position, Vietnam is frequently referred to as an S-shaped country by people from all over the world. Like the letter S in the alphabet, Vietnamese borders wind from the north to the south.

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6 - Vietnam celebrates the "Love Market" holiday.


People observe it as a remembrance of a terrible tale of forbidden love. Similarly, this festival offers a chance for current ex-lovers to get together in a neutral setting.

7 - It is common practice in Vietnam to name villages after local clans.


All of the clan members live together in longhouses as part of their heritage. Sometimes a family will live under one roof for three to four generations.

8 - Snake Wine is a popular beverage in Vietnam.


Here, a rather peculiar beverage called Snake Wine is provided. It is produced by placing a snake or scorpion in a container and then pouring rice wine over it. It is a moderately well-liked beverage.

9 - "Ao dai" is the term for the traditional clothes worn by Vietnamese ladies.

Vietnamese Ao Dai

Two equal laps are knotted together in the front of a four- or five-part flowing tunic. These clothes are worn differently in different parts of the country.

10 - Vietnamese people eat dogs.


They raise pigs as well as dogs and are the second-largest consumers of dog meat. They frequently consume the entire animal, including the organs.

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