Types of Mountain Dog Breeds

What is the biggest mountain dog? Let’s check this list and know more. You may already be familiar with other mountain dog breeds if you've seen the adorable, tricolor Bernese Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees with their enormous stature and distinctive white fur. These unusual breeds typically guard sheep, cattle, and other animal herds on farms, but with the appropriate owners, they could also make wonderful household dogs.

1 - Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard, which is named after the St. Bernard Hospice in Switzerland, is possibly the most well-known dog breed. Since the 17th century, monks have bred the enormous breed, which they have used to search the area for unfortunate and lost tourists. The breed needs a lot of space, both indoors and out, and daily exercise. To be clear, this does not necessarily have to be long-distance running but rather a brisk walk. The Saint Bernard is a wonderful family companion since it has a keen awareness of its size and will guard the younger members of the family.

2 - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

This hardworking breed is recognized for its enduring loyalty and passionate affection for its family. Relative to some of the other hill dog breeds on our list, they are simpler to train because of their desire to please.

3 - Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

These up to 170-pound canines have been used for ages as ferocious guardians of property, cattle, and other things. The mountain and steppe breed types of Caucasian shepherds are examples of their superiority. The thicker coat and heavier build of the Caucasian mountain shepherd set them apart. Keep in mind that the longer coat necessitates frequent brushing. Caucasian shepherds may enjoy crushing you as a large lapdog, but they also require exercise, and they would adore you if you provided them with a secure garden to play in. They'll repay you with their unwavering commitment and love.

4 - Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Between the Spanish and French borders is where this enormous worker dog first appeared. They kept livestock protected from wolves and bears by patrolling herds of sheep high on mountain slopes. Even though they make wonderful family pets, Pyrs can also transform into menacing guard dogs when necessary. The Great Pyrenees is devoted to its family and fiercely protective of its home. Another large breed is reputed to be kind towards children, but it requires a lot of space to feel at home. Pyrs require sporadic, long walks, like other hill dog breeds do. The Great Pyrenees are wary of strangers, but they are incredibly loyal to their homeowners and loved ones.

5 - Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the most well-liked dog breeds and is distinguished by its enormous stature and incredibly fluffy hair that comes in three colors. Since they originated in the Swiss region close to Bern, Bernese Mountain Dogs have served in a variety of capacities, from guarding to pulling carts. They are highly affectionate and make wonderful companions, so they have grown to be fairly common in family households nowadays.

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6 - Appenzeller Sennenhund

Appenzeller Sennenhund

One of four closely related Swiss dog breeds created to labor on farms, herd cattle, and pull heavy carts is the Appenzeller Sennenhund. The bigger Swiss mountain dog, the Entlebucher mountain dog, and the Bernese mountain dog round out the group of four. While the tricolor of all four breeds is the same (black and white with tan markings), the size and type of their coats differ. The primary functions of the Appenzeller Sennenhund, also known as the Appenzeller hill dog or Appenzell cow dog, were to guard the land and herd cattle. They are best kept in the care of experienced owners due to their high activity level, training requirements, fear of strangers, and other traits.

7 - Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

The breed of Tibetan Mastiff is extremely old. It is an extremely resilient and tough animal because it was developed to thrive in the Himalayan highlands. Because it was bred to protect livestock, the breed is essentially nocturnal today. The Tibetan Mastiff dislikes meeting new people. Because it is a mountain breed and was bred as a guard dog, it needs a lot of room to roam in order to be completely happy. Although they can become terrific family dogs, they benefit from early socialization and training and perform best when cared for by knowledgeable owners.

8 - Newfoundland


The province of Newfoundland in Canada, which has a rocky and rough natural setting, is where this working dog breed first appeared. The Newfoundland is a multipurpose dog that feels at home on land and in the sea. Thus, Newfies served as a seaman's dog, helping to manage catches and drag in nets. This breed is increasingly used as a search and recovery dog in water and mountain rescue missions because of its dense coat, which can withstand ice waters and severely cold winters.

9 - Kuvasz


Thought to have originated in the Siberian Ural Mountains, the Kuvasz is a Hungarian dog breed that dates back to the Middle Ages. Since the Kuvasz is inherently apprehensive of outsiders and is therefore used as a guard dog for horses, sheep, cattle, and even thieves, extensive socialization is necessary during the puppy stage. The mountainous dog breed is devoted and affectionate toward their family if reared properly and in a loving environment.

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