Interesting Facts About Singapore To Know

Singapore is such a fascinating nation. One reason is that a wide variety of people from around the world live and work there. Because of this diversity, the area has a very cosmopolitan feel, which may be interesting for both visitors and locals. Singapore has a lot of fascinating facts.

1 - World's first zoo at night.


The first place in the entire world with a night zoo is the Singapore Night Safari. During your stay, you can view a variety of animals and a breathtaking display. Almost 900 creatures from about 100 species reside there, with nearly 41% of them being threatened.

2 - In Singapore, visitors outnumber residents.


The growth of Singapore is significantly influenced by the tourist sector. Every year, they greet 18.5 million visitors from other countries. In other words, there are significantly more tourists than there are people living there, who number 5.7 million. Given this, Singapore ranks fifth in the world in terms of visitor volume.

3 - On the back of the $1000 notes, the entire national anthem is printed in micro-print.

Singapore 1000 Note

Singaporean banknotes have a tonne of micro-text (words you can barely read). On the majority of notes, "Monetary Authority of Singapore" is written indefinitely. The $1000 bill, however, features the complete Singaporean national anthem on the backside in the notes as micro-text.

4 - Singapore is also referred to as the "Garden City."


Despite what you may believe, Singapore is not a mega-city covered in skyscrapers. Singapore is known for its tree-lined streets, growing number of rooftop gardens, and green skyscrapers brimming with tropical plants. Singapore is committed to "greening" projects. It shows a future vision!

5 - In Singapore, having a car is very expensive.


Fortunately, everyone's a millionaire. Singapore is actually quite small. There are numerous individuals. To reduce traffic and pollution, there are limits on the number of private cars per person. Singapore's car prices are about twice as high as those in other nations.

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The nation has a tropical climate that is constantly hot and humid because it is so close to the equator. Additionally, Singapore's daytime average temperature is roughly 31 °C. April or May are the hottest months, while January and December are the coolest.

7 - 
Chewing gum is prohibited.


Since 1992, Singapore has prohibited chewing gum. However, since 2004, it has only been legal to chew gum for medical purposes, and you must always have a prescription with you.

8 - A tiger was the inspiration for The Lion City (Singapore).


What you may not know is that the Merlion was partially inspired by the city's historical name, Singapura, which translates as "lion city." The Sumatran ruler Sang Nila Utama, who controlled Temasek, a hamlet on the island of Singapura, in the early 14th century, is credited with giving this Sanskrit name its origins. The prince was searching for animals when he noticed an unusual animal moving swiftly. His counselors recognised the animal as a lion. Yet, there were no known instances of lions living in Singapore. He may have seen a tiger because they were once common in Singapore's wild until the 1930s.

9 - The most often used language is English.


Malay, the official language of Singapore, is only spoken by 10% of the population. Malay did not replace Chinese as the primary language in the nation since Chinese citizens make up the majority of its population. However, English is the language that is used the most frequently.

10 - Reclaimed water is used in Singapore as well.


Singapore also uses recovered water as a final point. Reclaimed water, in particular, is created by the recycling of wastewater into pure water. As a result, recycled water is used for industrial processes like flushing toilets as well as agricultural ones like watering plants. Above all, this water treatment can meet requirements for drinking water.

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